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Will it be possible to remap the keys for season 2?

posted by wizzleteats on - Viewed by 1.3K users

I have only my right arm and therefore cannot use a controller. I like to remap keys to the numpad on my keyboard as it means I don't have to reach across my torso to access the WASD keys. I enjoyed season one of Walking Dead but I found the QTEs overly difficult as I had to twist myself to get to the Q and E keys.

Can you please include the ability to remap the controls to the numpad. I'm sure the left-handers of the world would thank you as well.

  • I don't think they will since the game is most likely coming out this week.
    Sorry dude, I doubt they will since there are not that many keys in the game.

  • Wouldn't it be awesome if they added that just for this dude?

  • I don't have that issue, but having a remapping of the keys is essential for any game using the keyboard, and I was quite miffed when I realized I couldn't do that in TWD. Simply put, it's good customer care to ensure everyone can remap the keys to their taste and/or need like the OP.

    Funny, I remember this problem cropping up earlier, and when I said the same thing, I got a ton of down votes...

  • No official word from Telltale?

  • did a walker bite your left arm?

  • This is definetly a problem that needs to be resolved. Rebindable keys should be a requirement to every game, no matter how minimal the controls are.

  • I'm guessing by the indication in your response that it is not possible to remap keys? Can someone please just confirm or deny this definitively for me? Thanks.

  • Personally, I missed the 1,2,3,4 hotkeys for the dialog options.
    used to press the numbers only, now need to use the mouse...

  • Hey man, I've already posted this long time ago but there a few things you can try to make your time easier playing games :

    • Xpadder if you're using like me an Xbox360 controller, it will let you attach any keyboard button to the controller's buttons. Like X button on the controller becomes the Q on your keyboard and so on.
    • Auto-Hotkey is exactly the same except you can change keyboard/mouse buttons to any buttons you want. Like putting the Q button on one of the numpad keys !

    I think you should give these a try ! =)

  • I remember this being an issue for a lot of people during season 1, I remember a lot of complaints from the left handed people the most though.

    Rebindable keys is a necessity in any game and the fact that this was brought up during season 1 and this still has not been paid attention to really irks me.

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