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Good business

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I think this game will improve both companies ( Gearbox and telltale) since they both have big fan bases. People that have played borderlands will try telltale and people that have played some of telltale games will try borderlands. Since I'm already a big fan of telltale I've already played lots of their games but when i saw TFTB I found out that I never really tried borderlands before. This game has really made me interested in borderlands so much that I have decided to buy borderlands 2. Has this game made any one else want to play borderlands? Also r their lots of people that have already played borderlands that are really excited about this game?

  • I've played BL1 and 2. The main difference between them, is that BL2 is quite simply better in every way possible. However, some of the moments in BL2 (if you decide to play that first) will go right over your head if you dont know the characters and plot in BL1.

    • This still may be good for telltale they have shown they can take an existing franchise and make it appeal to people who have never played/watched/read it before and still make it work well in terms of story and character development.

      No comment on file issues and bugs in their games.

  • Played Borderlands first

    Amazing game

    Decent Gunplay

    But less than competent writing

    It was to much of a clash between the gunplay and the Story that it seesm teh level designers were at the throat of the writer

    And even then Anthony burch cant write for shit

    The only good character he wrote was handsome jack

    Really excited to see what Tetlltale does with this

  • I know for sure that this game is going to rack up an even larger Telltale fanbase. My best friend and I play Borderlands 2 on a consistent basis, and I'm constantly begging him to buy The Walking Dead and/or The Wolf Among Us. He says he won't, however. he never shuts up about Tales from the Borderlands, and he's constantly hyping it more every day. This game was a great move on Telltale's part.

  • A very good move.

    If they can mesh their ability to write with the setting.... it'll be epic.

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