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Not excited...

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really .. am i the only one that is not excited about this ?

and why do this have a discussion page and a game page on the website , and Game of Thrones dont ?

besides , it may be a vast world but i really dont like the idea of this game being a choise made one where for all that played the original know the game is just for fun and pass the time.

there is other better options to make than this game , like Doctor Who or Sherlock Holmes or something..

Its my opinion though

  • Your thread title is a little vague. Would you mind changing it to something like "not excited about this"? I'd appreciate it.

    To answer your questions - Game of Thrones doesn't have its own section YET due to rights issues. Apparently it'll be resolved around February. Until then, we ask people to use the existing discussion thread in the Walking Dead section. Sucks, yes, but our hands are tied.

    And no, you're not the only person who isn't particularly excited about this. If you browse the other threads, I'm sure you'll find a few people of a similar mind as you, and I'm sure they'll come join you... which might happen quicker if you change the thread title, hint hint ;)

    I personally would LOVE Telltale to do a Doctor Who game (can't be any worst then the other DW games out there!), but I'm also interested to see what Telltale does with the world of Pandora. We'll have to see.

  • I'm super excited for this one. Borderlands and Borderlands 2 are some of my favorite shooters this generation, and c'mon, I just HAVE to see the end result of this project. It's going to be insane on every level.

  • I know what you mean!!!

    When I saw the news on Facebook first of all I thought, 'WOW, NEWS!'... because you know what Telltale are like for that thesedays.

    I think that perhaps Game of Thrones can work well.
    However it does feel a little bit like Telltale have gone for that one big killer franchise license, for a big score next year. It's like they all sat around the boardroom, brainstorming 2014 and decided to go for a big one. Perhaps they are trying to move from indie to mega-developer in 2014.
    It must have cost them a pretty penny and I would suggest that they are betting big on it for next year.

    Now Borderlands, well, I just don't get it!
    I have never been bothered about the Borderlands franchise... ever. When it cropped up in Poker Night 2 I was like ...okay... cool, free stuff for a game I don't play... thanks. And now this!! So what's the connection here? There must be one, otherwise, why would they bother with this.

    As it stands, at this precise moment, I have no desire for this... it really doesn't excite me at all. And with the speed Telltale are releasing their episodes at the moment, it'll probably be this time next year before we hear anymore.

    I know Telltale will always try to make a good game and it will have to be, so to turn me on to this.

  • Wait... what ?
    They are making a Borderlands game ? Why ?

    The idea of a postapocalyptic game is great, but why Borderlands ?
    It's a mindless and fun shooting game with little substance or story in it.

    And it's so over the top that I don't see a story-based Borderlands game working....

    • "It's a mindless and fun shooting game with little substance or story in it"

      Someone has not played Borderlands 2, I see.

      NOT saying it's the best/deep story around, but it has VASTLY IMPROVED writing compared to the first game (check reviews, most do mention this as a plus). AND for a game that's a loot-based, co-op enhanced shooting galery, the story is almost too good for the game's own sake - to the point I know people who refused to play co-op during their first playthrough so they could pay attention.

      Giving it to Telltale makes TONS of sense in light of Borderlands 2. Its like... "We already took it a step above, how can we get this even further?" Telltale, obviously.

      • I beat Borderlands 2 and all DLC (Tiny Tina's DLC was awesome).
        And I had a blast doing so, it's a great game. It does have fun characters, but the story just is... an FPS story.
        Not much by itself, but a frame story for the actual game to take place in.

        I'm not saying BL2 is a bad game.
        All I'm saying is that I don't see it working as a Telltale game and that is my personal opinion.

  • I don't get it either.

    The Walking Dead, Fables, and Game of Thrones all have deep characters and interesting settings to draw upon. I like Telltale games because they evoke those things really well and provide an excellent interactive story.

    As a dedicated player of both Borderlands games, I just can't see much to work with in this franchise story-wise. The characters are as shallow as a half-evaporated puddle and the humour is, quite honestly, nothing special. I'd take Sam and Max's quirk over buttstallion any day.

    I think I'll skip this one and just hope Telltale pursues meatier IPs in the future.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      If Telltale wanted to make a game out of another comedy shooter, I'd love to see them take on Team Fortress 2.

    • I'll probably skip this one too.
      But for absolute hardcore fans of the Borderlands franchise it might be fun.
      So why not ?

      ...I just don't see it working as a Telltale game, but we'll see how it turns out.

    • If you think telltale makes only deep charcters and story driven narratives then you obviously havent played their earlier games........

      • I never said I think that, and I've played Sam and Max.

        Sam and Max was an IP that had excellent humour to begin with, so I loved it. I can't say the same of Borderlands, whose humour is a little tryhardy for my taste, (ie. Tiny Tina).

        • Yah Borderlands is a littel tryhardy at times

          But it definately has its good: Handsome jack

          And so long as they don't let that hack anthony burch touch this project with a ten foot pole we should be fine

          Remember its Telltale's Writers that are working on this project and not Gearbox's Team

          And Telltale has obviously proven to be exceptionally good writers

  • I'm not excited! I`m fed up actually

    What`s happened to Talltale....err Telltale lately?
    Where's the company that gave me the fun of Sam'n'Max, Monkey Island and Back to the Future!?
    Every game they announce/produce lately is some dark, angsty and far-too-easy experience!
    If they insist on going dark, so be it. But please can we have some more FUN adventure games too,
    to even the score?
    Bring back BTTF! Bring back the comedy!!

    • Do you even know what borderladns is?

      Borderlands is probably the darkest Humor mixed with the dirtiest toilet jokes you'd ever see in a video game

      It doesn't sound like it would work but it does

      look into borderlands And I bet you would be pretty suprised to see that Borderlands 2 has the same sadistic humor as sam and max

  • I have to say, I'm not all that thrilled about this one, either.

    Not because I don't have faith in Telltale (I do) or because I don't want to play it (it being a Telltale game, I would in a heartbeat). It's just... I'm kind of opposed to any enterprise that puts more money in Randy Pitchford's pocket.

    I don't know how the rights issues works with Telltale and their licensees, what Gearbox is entitled to and whether or not Mister Pitchford himself gets any of said entitlement. I am ignorant of all this, but that doesn't mean I want to risk it. If a penny of the five bucks I would spend on the first episode of TFTB lined Mister Pitchford's pockets, well, that would be a penny too much. I do not wish to encourage him.

    This isn't to say that I'm ragging on anyone who doesn't have the same problems that I do. I'm not. By all means, buy the game and enjoy yourselves. I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade here. But everyone has their own personal lines, and this is beyond mine.

    Sorry, guys. I really am.

    • Totally agree with everything you said. That, and the fact that playing this adventure version of the game will probably make me want to play the original games, but thats just me!

  • maybe this will be a way to make all that dirty humor over the toppness that makes borderlands funny and fun a little more grounded and give it a deeper and more personal experience to that over the toppness humor. I mean sure it doesn't have a DEEP story at its core in its current formation as said its a mindless shooter but maybe just maybe that's what there attempting to do here, by giving it to telltale to flesh out a deeper story were there's not much of one.

  • what more is there to borderlands besides vaults vault hunters tyrannical weapon manufacturing corporations and a populace of not very bright pandorians.

    • like i said it doesnt have much of a story besides that and thats were i feel telltale COULD do borderlands some story justice by adding one.

      • You havent played Borderlands 2 then

        There is a little bit more than that

        Theres the still the unanswered question as to what Connection the Sirens have to the vault and why the eridians created the vaults int eh first place

        Or the true intentions of the Dahl Company

  • This took me by surprise, mainly because of just how much I hated Claptrap in Poker Night 2.

    Obviously this is to show how subjective it all is, seeing as it's coming from the same writers, but man. It's like all the funny ground to a halt when he started speaking.

    I guess Telltale didn't see it that way. My own tastes seem to have been drifting away from the Company since after BTTF, after all.

    What'd you guys think of his appearance?

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