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I refuse to buy another one of telltale games's titles until they realise that they are neglecting their apple mac customers. http://www.telltalegames.com/support/discussion/52490/poker-night-1-crashes-as-soon-as-the-game-starts tells of how telltale is putting the blame to apple for the crash. however, it is Telltale's game and so their responsibility. This situation is like if i buy a book and do not appreciate a certain context, and then condemning the printers for making the book instead of the publisher for whatever reason that spurred me to undergo measures to highlight an issue with a certain book. As you can see this is ridiculous. Telltale you make such great games and are a successful company but honestly this is bad. Whats even worse that there is a section for mac support for poker night 1 and 2. Please explain to me its use if its demographic cannot even use the bloody game? It would be much appreciated if Telltale fix the Mac version of Poker night 1, it has been shoved aside for too long. If anyone reading this even somewhat agrees make your voices, in abundance. Telltale needs to listen, and we need to be heard.


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    We have seen this issue arise on newer hardware, and unfortunately have no plans to update this particular game at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

  • I totally agree, Axehard. Extremely lazy on Telltale's end.

  • Yanoblamo i appreciate it, in response to TelltaleMike, i understand what you are saying but you do not understand our situation. I bought the game in the hope of thoroughly enjoying the game and its items it offers externally for other video games . I cannot do either of those things, but the real sad thing is it is not just me but the entire mac platform with this problem. I also appreciate that someone answered this but it would really make a lot of peoples' days if Telltale fixed the game's software to be compatible with its appropriate platform. At the moment, on the Steam store, Poker Night 1 is deemed playable On two platforms, being Mac, and Pc, but this information is now false and misleading. If Telltale do not fix the Software Its future mac customers will buy the game, unknowing to the fact that it does not even work, and so then having to either attempt to ask for a refund which is impossible due to steams refund policy being that it is a form of "Digital Goods" and therefore unrefundable. In this way money will be made through misleading actions which is surely illegal in some respects if not immoral. Now the simple solution may be simply to remove it from being purchasable, but that is also the unthoughtful and unhelpful option. All i wish, is that Telltale update the game's software so it is rendered playable. It will not only again put faith and money into Telltale as a company but also secure my belief as i will know that the people behind TelltaleGames are worth buying from and supporting, as a Leading Games Company as i will know i can trust them to support their customers in the most helpful and fulfilling way possible.

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    i have gone into the legal properties of this situation and under the 'Sales Of Goods Act' of 1979 a product must be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.
    Fit for purpose means both their everyday purpose, and also any specific purpose that you agreed with the seller (for example, if you specifically asked for a printer that would be compatible with your computer). This can apply to new customers because the game is incompatible with the device's software. However, Previous users purchases can be claimed similarly because of it being a form of 'digital goods' it does not deteriorate and can only become faulty through change. In this respect, these are the legal obligations of this product. This information is simply to inform of the situation and can be taken light heartedly. I do not intend to do anything with this information. Again all i want is for the software to be updated. I can understand if for some reason It is physically impossible for it to be fixed and in that case a refund is in order, for each and every Mac user who has purchased the game. That being preposterous, it seems as though there is only one option, that being that the software should be updated for economic and legal reasons, as every customer is entitled to a refund. The last thing i want is for a big deal to be made as what is asked of Telltale is small. I just hope that the effort i have made into highlighting this issue Moves Telltale Into updating the software, which would again would be very highly appreciated.

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    Yanoblamo i appreciate it, in response to TelltaleMike, i understand what you are saying but you do not understand our situation. I

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