New choice in episode 1?

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today I was browsing through my choices (I wanted to show it to my friend) when I saw that there's not 'if I lied to Beast' choice anymore. Instead of it, there's a new one 'if I defended Snow to Crane'.

Any ideas why they changed it?

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  • I had both when I checked mine... but then that was when it came out...

  • Yeah I noticed that a few weeks ago too!

  • I have a theory that maybe the delay was caused by a rewriting of the scenario.Maybe they decided to change certain things in the story based on all the feedback they had on the forums.Maybe someone discovered the identity of the killer and they decided to change it because otherwise the story would be too predictable.Or maybe they are not satisfied with something and want to find a better idea.That would explain why they didn't tell us what caused the delay.

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    Mine simply has "did you lie to beast" in the choices section. I don't have a choice about defending snow. I just checked about an hour ago.

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