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We just got another 'soon'

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We heard 'very soon' two months ago...Not to be a negative nancy but I was really expecting a release date today........


  • Is the problem that is everywhere, and for that reason discuciones rumors are started.

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    I don't know if the people who disagree with me think that I'm a troll and I hate Telltale but that's absolutely not the case. They'

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    I moved all posts I could to the Season Two release date thread. Please keep discussion about the release there. It makes it easier to follow conversation when it's going on in one place.

  • Because maybe something happens and it's the week after. Although, I guess that would technically mean we get the game on Christmas. For me though, if we make it past Christmas without the game, then I'll understand some of the griping. Until then, as far as I'm concerned, Telltalle is still on schedule. And again, not all of this is in Telltale's control. They are somewhat at the mercy of Sony/Microsoft's process. We've heard a release date on Xbox, but not Playstation. They may not want to say anything about a release date before they know for sure.

    All I know is that Telltale loves money. I'm sure they're working to get the game out as quickly as they can, and they'll get the word out to everyone as soon as they can.

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    Then why not just say 'We're expecting a release next week.'?

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