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jumping the gun...

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maybe i'm just missing something still but I dont see either Kenny or Roman in the trailer. I think people are jumping the gun. Even the orange jacket woman doesn't quite look like Christa, to me it more looks like it could be her sister or something. Maybe its just the newer graphics though, or that time has passed since season 1. Is there any real evidence to the contrary? And before people start arguing and downvoting, I do know there's definitely a chance i'm wrong, especially with the orange jacket woman. I'm just trying to find proof of any of the theories.

  • I'm relatively certain that's Christa - it looks a lot like her. Maybe a bit bigger, but she's probably already had her kid, which definitely makes a few changes in someone's face.

    On the Kenny front though, I think a whole lot of people are getting their hopes up on very little evidence.

  • You are being ridiculous right now. Maybe you are right with kenny or roman. But that woman not being christa ? come on

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  • I can understand not wanting to jump to conclusions, but after pausing the video at 0:53 you can see it's a shaved man with a "Feastie Boys" jacket like Roman's. I am fairly sure that's him being dead. But that may be determinant as to how Shel acted in the camp.

  • I can understand Kenny or Roman (though I personally think that is them) but Christa? That's just wrong. They are from California but Christa's sister conveniently is in Georgia and survived more than a year of the apocalypse? They show Omid right after too. She looks different because dehydration/starvation deteriorated her appearance and caused her face to look more bony and sunken.

  • Personally, I think that it's Kenny we see in the trailer. No solid proof of course, but it wouldn't add up if it weren't him. Telltale, when piecing this trailer together, just had to have known that everyone would have started going OMG ITS KENNY as soon as we saw him (or whoever it was, if it does turn out to be another character) from behind. Plus, there is a HUGE resemblance between Hatman (which is the name I'll give Kenny or the Kenny lookalike we see here) and Kenny from S1. As for Roman, it is him. You can see "Rastic Toys" (the name of the band he was in) on his jacket if you pause the video, which we also see in 400 Days, so Roman's dead. Oh well, we didn't know him too well anyways.

  • Kenny? I understand but that's clearly Christa and Roman and Clive.

  • Thats definitely Christa, its looks just like her and it makes sense when we see Omid right after. Roman, I think that could be him. I agree about Kenny though. Im still not convinced. We'll see though. Soon enough.

  • I know it's 99% chance that was Christa, i'm not an idiot. I never said it wasn't her, only that it doesn't quite look like her, then gave possible reasons why the characters could look different. obviously the people making sarcastic and snide comments didn't bother to read the whole post, or completely misunderstood what i was saying.

    As for Roman, I didn't notice the dead guy in the jacket untill just now. Thank you for pointing that out to me, though of course Telltale made the trailer pretty ambiguous so we still can't be 100% sure it's him until we play.

    As for Kenny, my opinion that we don't know for sure yet stands. To me it looks like it could easily be some other hick in a trucker hat for now. IMO anyone who says it's definitely him, IS jumping the gun. yea, its definitely possible its him, but we simply have no proof of identity yet. We have to wait until we play to be 100% sure of pretty much anything for now. If TT wanted people to be sure, they would just show his face.

    to the downvoters.... pretty childish to downvote just because of a different opinion...why even waste your time, I mean over 10 because I think its to early to know some things? (which IS true) seriously?

    • Seems like you have your own fanbase. :)

      • yea lol there's a few keyboard cowboys that I know of for sure (wont name names) who look for my posts just to downvote them regardless of the content. pretty pathetic if you ask me.

        ohhh nooo my life is over because I got some pointless downvotes!!!!.............oh wait, they wasted their time on me? how flattering lol

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