• Afther i played the ep 1 and reading some theorise, i started to wonder how hard it is to kill fables. Is it enouh seperate the head from the rest of the body and can you revive a fable? Also if a fable can be revived is it dependent on the popularity of the fable. ''fables are hard to kill" but are less popular fables easier to kill? That could explain why Faith is dead for good, but Snow can be revived.

    PS: I forgot how i spell i few words, hopefully you guys can understand what im saying. Also dyslexia sucks.

  • Actually Blue beard decapitated women so he is my 1# suspect, Just because he one of the richest Fables and could've had a weapon enchanted to decapitate snow and Faith

    • Yes but he would always marry them first. + He already is rich and influential, he doesn't need to pressure anyone, and he has no reason to expose his crimes like that (especially on the Woodlands' doorstep, where he lives) and attract attention towards himself and put his wealth and power at risk, for what?

      But maybe we'll get some info in the next couple episodes that will give him a reason to do that but for now it wouldn't make sense to me.

  • Snow can't be dead because the story is supposed to happen before the first issue of Fables,this was even confirmed by the creator of Fables.But if she's not really dead,then it would mean that the killer doesn't actually kill his victims and simply kidnaps them and uses magic to trick people into believing they are dead.Maybe the heads are just an illusion.That would also mean that it is not actually a killer because he never killed anyone.Maybe he just wanted to frighten Fabletown to obtain something from Crane or Bigby.

    • I realize that, I'm reading the comics. I too believe they are alive but I'm trying to deduce it based on what we see in the game, not the comics.

      Nice hypothesis on wanting to frighten Fabletown for some purpose though...

  • ''Ichabod Crane is an asshole''
    I just love the way this is listed among things like the ribbon, the magical weapons and Bluebeard's history.

  • What if Faith and Snow's heads were actually other , non-humanlike, Fables' heads under some kind of powerful Glamour?

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