• I felt neutral-to-dislike toward kenny.

    I certainly agree that I would have preferred Katjaa more, although I feel she would be less adept at surviving alone than he.

    But I think he is definitely selfish, rather annoying and really quite horrible to Lee.

    His actions in the meat locker were abhorrent.

    Some people view him as their bro. That's fine, I viewed Lilly as my bro until Telltale made it so she had to leave.

    Regardless, I feel his character arc was tied up well in episode 5, sacrificing himself and saying that he didn't want to live as his family were dead.

    It seems weird that he will now return, having said that he wanted to die, but whatever. As long as he isn't rammed down the throats of those that don't like him, as he was last season, it will be fine.

    Same applies to those who hated omid and christa.

    • Yay ! Someone who finally like Lilly !

    • I have to agree with this post... for the most part at least as I wasn't really a fan of Lily either. I didn't dislike either of them but I didn't particularly like them either. Both had valid points but both made some bad decisions and I lost any respect I had for Lily when she shot Carley. Kenny did redeem himself when he scarified himself... However, for me that's where his story ends. He died. I don't want him to have made it out alive. I don't see how it's possible.

  • I don't know, I thought he was interesting. I mean, people would then complain about how Kenny is Lee's number one fan and a complete suck up so being a good guy and then a asshole and then sacrifing himself is good character development.

  • It's interesting how there are so many complaints directed towards "Kenny fanboys" in this forum, and yet the threads declaring how much they absolutely loathe the character far outweigh the ones that try to list his virtues.

    • You get more individual threads complaining about Kenny, but within the threads themselves there is much more Kenny fanboyism than Kenny pragmatism or Kenny hate.

      Even on entirely unrelated threads, people say 'oooh I hope Kenny will be there' 'do you think that was Kenny' 'I though Molly was okay but Kenny was better! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D'

      Besides, in the last few days I have counted at least 3 threads asking hopefully whether Kenny appeared in the trailer or not.

      • Even on entirely unrelated threads, people say 'oooh I hope Kenny will be there' 'do you think that was Kenny' 'I though Molly was okay but Kenny was better! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D'

        Is that direct quote, or are you just making vague generalizations?

        • Those are not direct quotes, but I didn't ever claim they were?

          I'm not saying every Kenny fan does it, or even that most do. It's just an observation; look at the number of threads made that asked whether kenny was in the trailer. Look at the Season 2 thread recently.

          Besides, the Molly one was very similar to a comment I saw on a thread a while back.

    • not even close ... ive even seen the mods combine several threads lately about kenny because theres so many "pro-kenny".

      • Indeed. They did that with the 'IS THAT KENNY?' threads about the trailer in the past couple days.

        • lol yea, and then when someone makes a single "anti-kenny" thread the kenny fans act like theres tons of them. To me it seems they can't stand that not everybody likes kenny like they do.

          • You're being dramatic. You're going to tell me that if we saw someone that might've resembled Lilly then we wouldn't have had a crapton of "WAS THAT LILLY ???".

            It would've been the same if it had been Lilly or Glenn or any other KNOWN character.

            Besides maybe if you stopped making assumptions you'd have less reactions, just like that "they can't stand that not everybody likes kenny like they do.", you imply everyone that likes Kenny is trying to force it on the others, that's disrespectful and might hurt some people to be generalized that way just because they like a character you don't.

            • how is that dramatic in the slightest bit? Sounds to me you are the one being dramatic judging by your response. And where did i make any assumptions whatsoever? An observation and opinion aren't assumptions, they are an observation and opinion. If your worried about people not loving kenny and it offends you, then don't go into an "anti-kenny" thread like this one. And it is a fact that some, not all, kenny fans do try to push kenny onto others, not that I even said that in the first place though...

              • Pardon me but "To me it seems they can't stand that not everybody likes kenny like they do."

                You flat out assume everyone that likes Kenny can't stand other people not liking him.

                Then second assumption "If your worried about people not loving kenny and it offends you, then don't go into an "anti-kenny" thread like this one".

                In short you're telling me that I'm a Kenny fanboy and that I have nothing to do here. Unless you have no idea what words you use to express yourself then yeah, your assumptions are rude and might hurt some people. You should pay more attention to how you form your sentences, is all I want to say.

                • obviously you are grossly misunderstanding me, or aren't actually READING my post. your assuming that i'm assuming, even though I clearly just posted my opinion ("TO ME it seems...") And I never said your a fanboy, you said that. Your putting words in my mouth. (IF your worried...)

                  please don't try to start arguments based on assumptions...

                  • The thing is, you think you can say everything because it's an opinion, that doesn't work.

                    In my opinion, my neighboor is an asshole. Do you think he's not gonna get angry if I tell him that that's just my opinion ? The sentence "To me it seems they can't stand that not everybody likes kenny like they do." translates to "In my opinion the kenny fanboys can't accept that people don't love their characters" because that's the way you wrote it, even though you didn't mean it that way.

                    Like I said, I'm pretty sure you mean no harm, I don't think you're a troll or something but the way you express yourself might be perceived as such. Hence why I think you should put more attention to how you express yourself on such a touchy subject.

                    That being said I just wanted get my point across, pick up on it or ignore it is your choice. Peace !

  • any regular on these forums knows my stance on the backstabber

  • Totally useless thread. For the "Kenny Hate" we have deadk1ng´s thread. http://www.telltalegames.com/community/discussion/30858/f-kenny/p147

  • well this escalated more than I thought...
    Maybe the words I used are to straight forward, but still who could trust a person like him running away and all..

    Okay not everybody is the same and not everybody has courage, but Kenny had to change allot of pants after sh*tting his pants and running or backing off..
    whatever play-through I played I always kept the feeling of little respect for being around Lee&Clem from beginning, but not trust worthy in most situations..

  • I agree. Kenny is a selfish piece of trash coward and I'm almost certain the piece of trash won't be in Season 2.

    • And if he is on season 2, I would like a option to leave him somehow..and if not to much asked I would be pleased with that option right at the beginning..

      Srry Kenny fans but that is my opinion and whatever argument you bring, this is still (mostly) a free world and own opinions :)

      • On the bright side, I believe (but I can't remember exactly, so I'm not totally sure) that Telltale said that Season 2 would have more story branching. If so, I'm sure you'll have the option to leave Kenny's ass in the dust somewhere along the line, which, frankly, I believe should have come at the end of Episode 4 in Season 1.

  • Umm... He kinda lost his entire family...
    His wife committed suicide and his son is dying and he knows it. The reason he was such a dick on the train is because he's going through the 5 stages of loss/grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Episode 4 and 5 is him going through the last two stages, and trying to find something to cope, which is why he was beginning to turn to alcoholism. Not only that, but if you save Ben, he sacrifices himself so he could be there with Ben and take on his pain. He was with you from the beginning, surviving through walkers, cannibals, loss of his family, and alcoholism. Now you tell me if he is a "Selfish coward"?

    • 5 stages of grief, first and last time I heard that was on Scrubs... God I miss that show, perfect mix of funny moments and heartbreaking ones.

      On-Topic : I agree with pretty much everything, even on my 1st playthrough where I ended up being on Lilly's side (didn't really intend to though) he still ended up coming with me to save Clementine and I found that his redemption arc at the end of episode 5 washed me of all the grudges I had against him. That being said I admit he can be a real pain in the ass if you're not on his side but that's how he's supposed to be. Him and Lilly are mirrored versions of each other, be a dick to any of them and they make you pay, hard. Be nice to them and they're very loyal (well, discounting the fact Lilly still kills C/D and ditches you on the road).

      I'd like to see both of them return in S2, now that Lilly has nothing to do with the comics Lilly it might be possible. And a redemption arc like Kenny had would most certainly make more people love her, because the game is kinda unfair, giving Kenny such a thing and not Lilly (I understand the reasons tho her being intended to be comics Lilly and all).

    • yea he's still selfish... afterall, we don't see anyone else act like he does throughout the game (leaving people to die, not wanting to save Clem for the sole reason of to spite Lee.) Pretty selfish if you ask me... as for being a coward, it depends on what episode your playing, he tends to flip flop when it comes to that.

      • I never said his actions weren't questionable (I (tried(and failed)) to save Larry), but they weren't all from selfishness: Kenny left the woman at the street (Beatrice) because he understood that he can receive more for the group that way and benefited everyone, although the way he wanted to go was unethical/immoral, he wasn't selfish; not the choice I would make, but it wasn't selfish. As for the Clem situation, its a "You scratch my back, I scratch yours" situation in addition to a play on words. You don't even have to agree with him all the way: You just need to support him during times of need. Lily was in the same boat: She was willing to do anything to survive, and Kenny soon adopted that idealism from her. In a way, Lily and Kenny flipped flopped positions by the end of Episode 2.

        • You mean the woman on the street at the beginning of episode 3 ? Leaving her was the best decision, at first I was like "Oh we have to save her !!!" and then we see her get bit ...

          On the other hand you get enough time to scavenge for multiple things that might just save someone in your group. That decision was a no-brainer in my opinion, as cruel as that is.

          • My thought on the situation is that we are human. What makes a human different from an animal is our morals; it's not about survival, it's about right and wrong. I don't want the walker world to take my humanity away, turning me into a careless animal. I couldn't watch, or even hear someone being bitten again and again until she is so wounded that she can't get away, then being eaten alive. I keep thinking of an apple when I left her on my second playthrough: bite after bite taken from her flesh until nothing remained. I had nightmares (Yeah, I said it! Call me a p*ssy!) about me being in her shoes, and it was terrible.

            • I'm not going to call someone a pussy because he felt empathy for someone, it's actually a proof you're a sensible person and the world sure would be a better place if we had more people like that.

              My reasoning was that since she got bit then it didn't matter because she was going to die one way or the other. Sure it is heartless to let someone suffer but if anything happened to Clementine, if got sick or a wound that needed to be disinfected and we lacked the materials needed because of that event... I just wouldn't be able to forgive myself for killing her because I felt pity at someone I didn't even know.

              There wasn't any "good" choice, just 2 bad ones.

        • Well... They were always in the same position to begin with. Just arguing asshole A, and arguing asshole B. Then, there was just B, and hopefully now, A and B are gone forever.

    • Lilly lost her entire family as well, didn't she?

      And her father was murdered, unlike Katjaa and Duck who were both essentially killed by the walkers.

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        KCohere BANNED

        True, she lost her entire family as well. Her dad was her world and to see him bashed to death right in front of her face, no wonder she cracked.

      • True, but in a way, Kenny was somewhat justified: Had Larry been dead in that meat locker (which he wasn't) they would be screwed. His actions weren't out of selfishness or cowardliness, but paranoia and fear with experience backing it up. I ended up siding with Lily through episode 2 and 3 until she left, but I can defiantly see where Kenny come's from when he makes these choices; he doesn't pull them out of his ass, he thinks. Call it Karma and what not.

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