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Season 2 Save Import FAQ - PLEASE READ!

MattPMattP ModeratorTelltale Staff

The import system for Season 1 saves on iOS may be tricky for some users, so here's a few helpful hints if you are having trouble importing your saves into Season 2.

Update the app
Only the latest version of Season 1 will allow for save importing, so please update your base application to the latest version (v1.6). If you do not have push notifications turned on, you may not see this update listed on your home screen, so please navigate to your stores Update menu, or find the store listing for the game and update the application.

Complete Season 1 Episodes
Only completed Season 1 saves will be imported into Season 2. If you have any completed episodes, those choices will import to Season 2, and random choices will be made for any episodes that are unfinished or have not been played. If you've completed all episodes in the series, all your choices will be imported into Season 2.

Why Did Season 1 Load?
When you choose to import your Season 1 saves into Season 2, the Season 1 application will launch to allow the Season 2 app to read existing save data. This is normal, and you can minimize Season 1 by pressing the Home button or wait for it to automatically return to Season 2.

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