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Quick question about Walking Dead saves carrying from Steam version to Telltale download version

posted by Zombutler on - Viewed by 4.4K users

I just bought S1+400D+S2 on greenmangaming. They gave me steam keys for S1+400D, but it says S2 will be a straight Telltale Games download. Will the saves transfer? How should I go about playing+installing them? Sorry if this is a stupid question.

  • I emailed support. The saves are compatible with steam however I believe the game will be downloaded through this website so you will miss out on steam trading cards and achievements, if thats what bothers you.

  • I went to redeem on steam and it said incorrect key (strange since in the GMG email it mentioned playing on steam right above the key) then I went to the website and it mentions telltale website there.
    I think I might have either missed that or it wasn't there in first place (I usually read everything but might have been my bad for being over excited for this game) and now I can't play on steam and my OCD doesn't really let me play elsewhere...

    • I must have made the exact same mistake. It must be the first time I didn't read the fine print to see where it would be redeemable! I was probably thrown off because I bought the rest of the series on GMG and activated it on Steam.
      I think we're probably stuck with it like this now. I want my save files to be all continuously on 1 account. Having them split like this is pretty inconvenient. At this point, I might just cut my losses and not play the game until the full thing is available for cheap, and purchase it again on Steam.

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    Macfly77 Moderator

    Purchasing the first season and/or 400 Days from GMG gets you a Steam key.
    Purchasing the second season from them gets you a Telltale redeem code to be redeemed here.

    Here's what Telltale's tronix said regarding saves/choices from season to season and from Steam to Telltale (and vice versa):

    "PC and Mac save files use the same default save space for TTG and Steam builds. So, you can buy Season 2 from Telltale and it will read your Season 1 save file from the Steam version."

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    The save space on PC that the game is looking for Season 1 save files is C:\Users\Your Windows Username\Documents\Telltale Games\WalkingDead.

  • Just tried and my Steam saves aren't being recognised by the Telltale download version. :(

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      DjNDB Moderator

      Please post the requested info in this thread so I can try to find the reason for your savegame import issues.

      • I've managed to sort the problem now. At one point I started the game from the beginning after beating it so I could test something out and for that reason the game didn't think I had any saved data. I copied and pasted a save that I'd backed up after finishing the game and that helped. :) Now, unfortunately, I have a new problem. Every time I press a button or click at the title screen and error comes up saying I don't own the game. Either that or I get a login error. o_O

  • I've fixed my problem. I hope. At one point, I had tried to run the Steam version, which I'd gotten a key for because of previous server issues, on the grounds that there were achievements recorded through that system. But Steam used a different save directory, and I'd had to put my saves in the new directory. This time I had to transfer my saved games back to the /Documents/The Walking Dead/ folder. Then, as it turns out, I needed to restart for the game to recognize the presence of the files.

  • If your saves aren't being recognized just try to press "play now" and then go back to the menu, after five or six times the load-save screen appeared to me.

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