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Do animals turn?

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I was just wondering, because I'm not really sure whether they do or not, and it hasn't been touched on in the game or tv show yet.

Wouldn't the dog in the grave be a zombie if they did turn?

But the idea of zombie animals is quite cool :)

  • So far I have the feeling it only affects humans. All the animals that died didn't turn. And in Episode 2 we learned that everybody turns, no matter how he dies (except if the brain is destroyed). By that logic, it would seem animals do not turn.

    • By what logic? Animals dont have brains? By logic, even littlest bird should come back, and start spreading disease.... Dont even get me started on human is not an animal...

      • Whatever virus/bacteria/magic causes the zombiefication ist adapted to humans only. That isn't unrealistic. Why does Mad Cows disease effect mainly cows? Why was it a big deal when the swine flu or bird flu made the mutation to be able to infect humans? Because they couldn't before. So, it's not totally unrealistic (once you accept the concept of zombiefication in the first place) to have it only effect humans.

        • You are right that humans are the only effected by the zombiefication in TWD. This is rather standard through most modern western horror stories (a few exceptions, including IDW's The Other Dead comic series out right now in which ONLY the animals become zombies).

          However, human beings can most certainly get Mad Cow Disease. MCD comes about from cows eating cow brains. Basically if ANY animal (vertebrate at least) eats the brains of its own kind it can cause massive problems. Kuru is the human equivalent of MCD. You don't hear many cases of it because it is generally only found in societies with a history of brain eating (usually after death as a kind of ceremony). MCD became so widespread because they were grinding up all the unused parts of cows and then feeding them to other cows.

          Sorry to disrail your statement, but kuru and MCD are very interesting and I highly recommend doing some research on them.

          • Kuru and MCD are two different prion-based diseases. The prion that causes BSE/MCD led to a (new) form of the Creutzfeld-Jakob disease. BSE also wasn't caused by feeding cows other cows, but most probably by feeding them sheep which had been infected with Scrapie, another prion disease which cannot be transmitted to humans.

          • Ok, but the point stands, that there are diseases that only effect some sort of animals. Or only humans. Take HIV. The Human immunodeficiency virus. The argument from zenonek2000 was animals have brains therefore they can get infected. So translate that to animals have immunsystems, therefore they can get HIV. Turns out: oops they can't. Or like said before the bird flu. Was "for birds only" for quite a while. Until a mutation made the jump to humans and the WHO started a panic. But before humans couldn't get infected.

            So Kirkman always has the option to mutate the zombievirus if he wants walker-cows, but for now it is totally plausible that the zombification doesn't effect kinds of animals that are from the non-human-kind.

  • I hope not, I will regret leaving Maybell behind to turn. That will haunt me for the rest of season 2

  • I've followed the comics a bit, though not really far. And even in the comics there are no signs of dead animals, not as far as I can remember. So I think that animals don't turn. I think it is easier for the writers to leave the animals out of the scope of a zombie infection.

    Animals usually die at a faster pace than humans do. So you would be confronted with masses of zombified deer, wolfs, cows, elefants, birds, bees and not to forget billions of ants :)
    And by including animals you would make the survival more difficult, since you would drastically reduce one food source, i.e. the meat.

  • Yeah i dont know much bout comic book on that subject, but turning animals had to be excluded from whole walking dead universe simply because people would be cryin over a mosqito bite:)
    No logic, but there it is, product worth selling.

  • In the comics they seem to not turn.

    In the most recent couple of issues a character has a pet tiger (it's kind of explained but as so many things, a little bit shark jumpy) who chows down on zombie flesh all the time and is fine.

  • Should we have a conversation on about does eating zombies make you sick? Would you try?

    • I would assume eating zombies was similar to eating gone off meat and would kill you which in turn would allow you to turn.

      I can't think of it being covered in the comics, TV show or games.

      My assumption is that in TWD Universe 'Zombieness' is actually a human condition in the same way that a duck can't catch measles off a human.

      • Good thinking bout off meat, assumption is good as well, i would think zombieness is not really a condition, theyre dead can dead body get sick? Im thinkin of CDC dock in tv series...

    • So far we haven't really seen them eat even humans, so why would they ever consider eating zombies. The flesh is rotten. If you eat rotten meat you get food poisoning, imagine getting that when there are no doctors or meds...

      • We've seen a few cases of cannibalism in the game and in the comics.

        And I think the dead body doesn't get sick. In the theory of the comics (i.e. the famous 'We ARE the walking dead.' quote) we're all infected when alive. Then when we die something reanimates the body.


      • Oh yeah i said good thinking about off meat, cos i simply didnt thought of that at all earlier, you would just get sick and died... I was continuing on animals. That condition is not a human condition but a dead body condition...

      • Season 4 showed dogs feeding on a Walker. It's carrion, so why wouldn't they?

  • Animals are not affected by the Plague, and if the die they don't come back.

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