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"Login Error: Can't communicate with Telltale Servers."

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Just downloaded the game -- not sure if this is where this post belongs, but every time I try to login I get this error. Anyone else getting this?

Telltale staff note:

All login issues should be resolved at this point, but if anyone is still experiencing an inability to login to the game, please contact our Support Team at Please include the exact error message you are encountering, the email address of the account that owns the game, the order number for the purchase, and any suggestions you've already tried.

Due to the helpful information in this thread, I don't want to move it, but since this is not the Support forum, I will be closing it. As mentioned, if you are still encountering issues, please send us a support ticket. You can also check out the support forums here for more information.

  • Meanwhile I have to sit and listen to my friends who bought it from Steam tell me how great the new episode is.

  • Only way this could be worse is if it came up with Error 37.

  • What a shame.. All this waiting.. now who knows how long we have to wait until this issue is resolved.

  • I would love to support TTG directly, but if they can't provide a stable enough database, then please warn us about it.
    Or remove the "drm" that demands you do login to your TTG profile. I don't see why it's needed really.
    The fanbase is loyal, pirates will pirate it anyhow. So I don't see the reason of them demanding us to login.

  • I saved quite bit of money by not buying the Steam version so I'm not AS annoyed some others who decided to pay the same to support Telltale directly and this is what we get? I'm trying not to sound like an asshole but all you need to do is look at every other popular game (including TWD S1 and TWAU) that requires online activation of this kind and it always fails day one.

  • lol this is ridiculous. This was my first pre-order from telltale and it's not feeling like pre-order right now at all. I don't feel like preordering anything in the future anymore. Just strip this silly drm thing from the game if you don't know how to make it function properly.

  • once again servers are not working. it happened with the walking dead season one and the wolf among us. they always botch up the releases. whether it's missing launch dates or servers not working. you can always bet it'll be something.

  • Ditto..Ditto!

  • Wanted to support Telltale but hell, it doesn't work but not only TWD, The Wolf among us doesn't work either... I should have tried with Steam ( still no bitching but a bit disappointed :( )

  • Not buying another TellTale game after this. I am so sick of these day 1 launch issues, there is no excuse for this sh*t anymore...

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