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"Login Error: Can't communicate with Telltale Servers."

posted by szebr on - last edited by puzzlebox - Viewed by 80.2K users

Just downloaded the game -- not sure if this is where this post belongs, but every time I try to login I get this error. Anyone else getting this?

Telltale staff note:

All login issues should be resolved at this point, but if anyone is still experiencing an inability to login to the game, please contact our Support Team at Please include the exact error message you are encountering, the email address of the account that owns the game, the order number for the purchase, and any suggestions you've already tried.

Due to the helpful information in this thread, I don't want to move it, but since this is not the Support forum, I will be closing it. As mentioned, if you are still encountering issues, please send us a support ticket. You can also check out the support forums here for more information.

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