• Its not the writing that's bad.. Its the realism. If you don't enjoy it it must suck that he died. But shit happens irl. In real life sometimes entire family dies on a vacation trip due to 1 drunk driver...

    And sometimes a millionaire wins a lottery.

    My other problem was with Christa's baby... Nothing has been said about what happened to it... Should we just assume it was a miscarriage?

    And what's up with "16 months later"? Really? Skipping so much time? Was it really necessary?

  • it was pretty fast but in my opinion it wasn't bad writing. Someone dies because he tries to safe someone in such a world isn't so far fetched. They could have waited a few minutes more but it was still something that just could happen

  • It felt to me like they were establishing from the start that no one is safe in this world (something Season 4 of the show couldn't figure out until the mid-season finale). I applaud Telltale for this but at the same time, OMG WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE OMID!?

  • I wasn't really impressed with this episode... regardless of who died or didn't die. I just found it boring. Lots of time spent wandering and sewing stitches. meh.

  • I had a feeling that he would die in Season 2, but the first ten-twenty minutes? I wasn't expecting the prologue to punch me in the gut that early, especially when comparing the prologue of Season 1.

  • Awesome episode! Me happy!

  • Trolltale at its finest.

  • Why the hell are people saying it's rushed? I mean, just because it's different doesn't mean it's rushed. It's not like all change is bad or anything. IMO it was actually better than S1Ep1(and Ep4).

    Besides, saying this kind of thing will make them take painstakingly long on future episodes...

    • Yeah, a good bit better than S1E1, imo. The middle of that was pretty bogged down the first playthrough, having to do the typical adventure game bollocks of throwing a brick through a window, programming a universal remote, etc etc. This one was much more streamlined and emotionally impactive.

    • There's one guy saying its rushed. He just happens to be saying it over and over in a bunch of threads.

      Is there an ignore function on this forum?

    • 1.Because there is absolutely no indication about what happened and what was going on with characters,Omid and Christa, between S1 and S2.

      2.Because they kill one of the best characters in S1 in the first 10 minutes without any closure at all,and is completely forgotten throughout the rest of the episode.

      3.Because Christa is seen in the scene afterwards,and again,gets thrown out the episode Kenny style:without any explanation what happened to her baby,or her in general.

      4..Not enough connection with S1.

      5.The episode is too short.Obvious indicator.

      6.They introduce way too many characters in a very small amount of time,not giving you proper time to develop opinions about them or the situation Clementine is in general.

      7.Too much "exploring" and pointless "fetch" objectives forced to be tied into the plot.Seriously though,at one point I had absolutely no idea where to go next,until I found out after 20 minutes of searching I needed to walk around the couch to reach the stairs.There was no previous indication I had to do so,and the camera angel was constantly hiding the path between the stairs and the couch.

      8.New,and rather confusing at first,targeting and quick-time system that just wasn't given enough time to test and improve.Honestly I saw nothing wrong with S1's simple "hand or eye" system.

      9.Facial and movement animations. Ain't gonna say more.

      The rushed ending that was literally slapped on your screen.Unlike EP1 of Season 1,there was absolutely zero hint that the river scene would be the final scene.No build up,no culmination (like in every episode in S1).You literally came,did some exploring,took your pick and the screen went black with "Next time,on The Walking Dead".Zero closure,zero anything.

      So there.

      • The bits about skipping without telling you the whole story was very similar to the jump between S1E1 and S1E2 though, where the raid on the Air Force base was just skipped and we were forced to tell ourselves the story, because there was no reason to tell us when making us fill in the gaps ourselves was more interesting.

        • Aye,but gap between EP1 and EP2 was 3 months,and everything was pretty much explaind.In S2 though,the gap was 16 months,and nothing was explained.16 months is like 3 Season 1's...what the hell happened during that time?Who have they met,who did they lose,etc.,etc.,etc.We never get to see what exactly happened to Christa's baby,why did Christa lose all the hope all of a sudden,and what happened that cause Clem's character to change to much.

      • Agree on some points. That last scene seemed to me the penultimate one, not the ending, but I thought it was nice.

      • i agree season ep 1 episode was better

      • While I do agree on some of your points, the points where you see there was no explanation is more on you. Obviously some things, like Christa's fate are left up in the sky for coming episodes, but other's you can just use your head. Not everything has to be spoon fed when a story is being told.

      • So true Araron! I agree with all 10. Also I had to restart at one point in the game because my mouse indicator disappeared and couldn't select a dialogue option. I liked the dialogue selection options from Season 1 when clicking on 1-4 was also available.

        • You had that problem too? Hated that. I have to agree about Season 1's dialogue system, because having the option to just press the number was so much better.

        • Aye,got the mouse indicator disappear too....also,not sure if anyone else encountered that,but while entering Sarah's room,Nick base model was standing there the entire time,with Clem moving through it in conversations.

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