• Look by no means am I saying this was a bad episode. It really wasn't. For what it is, it was actually pretty good and sets up an interesting season. I figured since this thread has become somewhat review-ish, I'd to list my flaws with it.
    1. They got rid of Omid and Christa way too fast. I almost feel like they were completely pointless. In fact, Omid never amounted to much...I still liked him but I wish they would've stuck around for a while and joined the new group eventually.
    2. The new group. I don't find myself very interested in any of them except for maybe Luke. I'm kind of hoping next episode proves them to be interesting.
    3. Correct me if I'm wrong but usually if a dog bites you enough to draw blood, it would leave canine teeth marks. This would clearly show the distinction between a walker and dog bite.
    4. The Ending. I liked that Clementine was put in a situation of picking who survives but I think it would've worked better as the penultimate scene.

    All and all I think it wasn't bad but I hope to God they get the second episode out within the next two months because I might lose interest. And regarding whoever is revealed to be alive next episode...It's hard to say. I mean it could be Kenny but I'm doubtful. Oh and another thing, did anyone else feel a little confused sometimes? I mean I assumed that the two figures out in the countryside were Christa and Omid but is that for sure who we were supposed to think it was? I think the opening scene should've cleared that up better. And I'm guessing the baby died but...Why did they never explain what happened to Christa's baby?

    • With 1, I think that's the point. Those characters are supposed to give us a sense of security that can be ripped away immediately and show us as clearly as possible that Clem is on her own out there.

      For 2, that makes sense, since we've only had about half an episode with them and there are so many folks to establis.

      As far as 3, we see the wound itself - Clem pulling back completely tore down the arm and left a single long slash, which could have happened in a dog or a walker's mouth.

      4, I can kinda agree with. It does seem like a little something more should have happened after making that choice, like in S1E1.

  • "Meh" is all I have to say. To be honest, I never quite got into either Omid or Christa's characters back in season 1. To me they were just fillers, introduced to replace characters I actually cared about that got wiped out. And while they sort of grew on me enough so I didn't mind them, I never quite shook that "meh" feeling. The fact that they were the last men standing kind of solidified the feeling even.
    So now, into Season 2, I again found myself harboring little care for Omid, Christa, or her baby. So I was a little surprised Omid died THAT fast, but felt nothing. Didn't help that it immediately cuts to months after either.
    That's one theory anyway. Or could be that I just got used to it. After playing Walking Dead Season 1 and Wolf Among us, I sort of expect characters to die now. It's getting predictable. By now I seem to sort of "forbid" myself from attaching to a character because I automatically assume he won't make it much further. That goes double for anyone who is nice to you. Guess that might prevent me from ever getting the gut-punching feels I got from the likes of Episode 3 deaths. Honestly though, it's getting a little predictable. I "called" both major deaths in the Wolf Among Us before they happened, and I have a hunch I'll be able to do the same for Season 2 of Walking Dead. Only thing that might actually surprise me by now is if a likable character actually LIVES longer.

  • OMG what a stupid thread -_-
    Did you ever read a Walking Dead comic book in your fucking life ???

    • I have read it but a lot of the characters die at their right time. And they all have development and purpose. Mostly. I just feel like Omid and Christa were wasted. I figured they would die eventually but not in the first damn ten minutes...

      • I agree. I found it a bit odd that a random person could enter the room and then also be Omid's death. Bit lackluster, especially after everything they went trough.

        • a bit lackluster is what they were going for, it was to create controversy and shock value. How could some lowly thief in a toilet kill a survivor of season 1 right? the fact that soooooooo many people are butthurt over this means that it was effective- It caused a sense of frustration and hopelessness in the player which perfectly fits into how the first half (if not the entirety)of the episode is with clementine. If every character got some big momentous death scene it would feel very forced and cheapen the story overall.

      • I wonder why Omid walked in there anyway. Unless he heard the shouting of that random woman or just wanted to check on Clem.
        Over all I do think it was still a heroic kill, well written to say the least.

    • you are using the comic as toilet paper.

    • I will quote myself from a previous post: "The problem isn't that the character dies,its how and how soon he died."

  • I liked the death. It was bold and effectively set up the tone of the season. I think they want to tell a Clementine focused story with new survivors and Christa and Omid weren't really part of that plot. So while I loved the character and will miss Omid, I will reserve judgement on if it was right until we see more of where the plot is heading.

  • I don't really think it was bad of them to kill Omid, I think it was a "great" way to start the episode, emotional from the start.
    Back to the reality of the Universe of TWD, people do die, people we care about.

    RIP Omid!

  • It was well written and they made a point of getting you back into the walking dead. Clem being held at gunpoint and Omid being murdered was Telltales way of saying "welcome back to the walking dead, this is just a taste of what your about to endure, enjoy". Oh and just because the game doesn't tell you every last detail of what happened immediately after it happened doesn't make bad story telling or writing. Its called "pacing" and leaving things for later to be discussed. It'd be like a murder mystery novel where you immediately find out who the killer is straight away. Just because your impatient doesn't make it bad. They'll tell you in their own time.

  • Omid .... ;(

    When that girl was trying to plead she didn't do it on purpose and Christa looked at her with that sad face I was like "Don't tell me you're going to forgive that bitch because she seems youn--" and then BAM.

    Needlless to say I agreed with that decision.

  • I thought Omid's death was okay (not saying I'm glad he's dead though), but it was just as senseless as the death of Carley or Doug in Episode 3. I just didn't think that he'd be dead so quickly. Actually, if I had to pick one person who would have survived, it would have been him. He was just so happy and light-hearted. If anything, I thought they would have had him survive just so he could turn into a bitter, cynical shell of his former self.

    Then in comes that bitch who tries to rob Clem. I'm glad Christa shot her, actually. He deserved better. Rest in Peace, Bromid. The scary part is, though, that this is just the beginning. Like others have said before, if it's this bad now, just wait until the final Episode...

    • I think that's why I think they killed Omid he was generally kinder, humorous and more liked then Christa. For some reason I cant see a bitter and cold version of Omid, he brings some much light that its hard to see him in the dark.

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