• My mouth was wide open when he died. When I saw Christ and Omid with Clem, I thought "I'm so happy they're back with her" and then BAM he's gone. I shed some tears. I actually teared up 3 times during this episode. I absolutely hated Omid's death, but I thought this episode was well done. It went by so fast.

  • I really liked that intro, they had to remind us how dangerous is the world of TWD, they created tension and surprise with that scene, and also that helped to the development of Christa as an even more interesting character. In my opinion, they have to remain faithful to the world Robert Kirkman has created, and he has stated many times that in the end everybody is gonna die, even Rick himself, and he had already killed many famous characters in the comics, so the videogames have to go trough the same path. Yes, in the end even Clementine will die too, but i don´t think it will be in this Season, maybe in the next one.

  • clementine learned a hard lesson, by not doing what Omid told her to do (keeping her things on her) and my jaw totally hit the floor

  • Omid unconfirmed, get unhype for Omid. I didn't think it was so much lazy as it was a episode starting gut punch but I understand how everyone here feels, I loved Omid.

  • Did i miss something because the fate of Christas unborn baby was never elaborated on, i was made to asume that it didn't survive. Was that the point?

  • I think the beginning was just a way to combine the two seasons and get rid rid of omid and christa.

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