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    K0t0 BANNED

    I take it that Lily is commonly disliked. To help make us hate this group all they'd have to do is bring her back.

    If it IS Kenny that it would be an interesting split. Finally I can be someone other than Lee to tell him that hes FoS and needs to st*u and that Lee was twice the man hed ever hope to be

  • Kenny would be very fitting to have since he was soo close to Lee the first half of S1.

    They would probably reminisce on old times

  • My guess is on Kenny.

    Clem has no reason to believe Lilly is dead but she does have every reason to believe Kenny is dead. I'm sure Christa or Omid told her how Kenny apparently died since they were there and witnessed him get lost to the herd. If it was Lilly, wouldn't her words be "It's You". Strange choice of words from Clem if it does turn out to be Lilly. I also doubt it's Christa, Clem walks past Alvin, Luke & Carlos and witnessed whoever it was that got her so shocked as if they were with the group and I doubt the group they encounter would accept a stranger into their camp so soon plus Clem was shocked not happy, I'm sure she would have a happy reaction if it was Christa.

  • I can't wait until Ep 2 comes out, so I can read this thread and find it as hilarious as that "OMG KENNY'S IN THE TRAILER" thread.

    I think the chances are a little higher of this being Kenny, but still not high enough that I'm not willing to laugh at the Kenny fanboys clinging to every single possible thread of hope and insisting Kenny's definitely back this time.

  • They wouldn't show us a drawing of Kenny for nothing, IMHO.

  • Did I see Vince (400 days character) in Episode 2? In my savegame he went with Tavia. I wonder what happend to Tavia´s Camp. :o

  • Why people hate Lilly so much ... She was my buddy !

    • Because she killed Carley/Doug!

    • Yeah she's a real bro.
      A buddy that expects you to kiss her dads ass and doesn't care that he tried to kill you.
      A buddy that always yells at you while she does nothing.
      A buddy that will kill someone so close to you for no reason.
      A buddy that would rat you out as a killer to take the heat off herself.
      A buddy that will leave you for dead even after you kindly take her with you after she murdered a person in cold blood.

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    I posted this on another thread but i am also going to post it here as the discussion is longer.

    I think its either Lilly, Kenny or that bandit that she can give water to, she seems to know who they are but it also hesitant and not that pleased to see them so i don't think it could be Christa.

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