Echo but not from the mountains

edited October 2005 in Game Support
I downloaded the first 1.0 and it ran but gave the memory error reported elsewhere when started again. It had echos, and when I dled the 1.0.1 version it still echos in speech, 2X or 3X almost like a parody of the speech impaired. I thought if I dled the latest codices it would stop. It hasn't. Is there some tweak or fix I might find? I have a Nehemiah 1003 MHz with 704 MB RAM, a fast HD and all the latest VIA drivers and upgrades form M$. I have a nVidia MX 400. Maybe I just need a faster CPU? The game, which I can only get to the map under the rock part in a reasonable time (in a window ansio off, notebook on) is very "cute". Please support your comic book authors and stop government censorship of print media. They want to stop something, give up some of their (US) total control of the Internet!
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