• Dog part got me too and I did cry tears.

  • damn dog i even offered it food and it does that. killed that shit.(more to the point i killed it because it was suffering but ya that damn dog was going to die either way after that.)

  • The dog part really got me, I hated that crying :(

  • The biggest thing about the dog was the OH SHIT moment when I grabbed the can of beans and he dove at me. HOLY HELL, I nearly lost my shit.

    It was definitely sad, but understandable - they say that a pet dog is just three meals away from being a feral beast, and it'd likely been a lot more than three meals from the look of the poor thing. But if it's me or a dog, well...

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    Mrwalto69 BANNED

    I posted a topic about it.
    I feel the same way as you when it comes to animals. I was hoping when i first saw the dog that it would be a friend for Clem then all of a sudden he went into a rage because of the food but the sight of seeing the dog impaled and in pain was just awful. I think the worst part of this is that there is an actually option where you can leave it to die in pain. now the people who would do that would be have no soul whatsoever, you'd have to put it out of it's misery and feel no pain.
    Hardest part of the whole series so far to watch.

    • I put it out of it's misery, but didn't watch. Didn't want to have to see that... it must be worse for Clem too.

    • Well, the thing is that in the previous game, one of the reasons Lee can give for not shooting him is that killing people changes you. I personally think that actually slitting a dog's throat, even as a mercy, will take a piece out of you, Yes, it is ultimately more kind, but it's still a brutal act that will change you. That's the dilemma I saw Clementine facing.

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        Mrwalto69 BANNED

        True it will take a piece out of you but if you look at the other option, leaving something to die in agony will always take a piece out of you.
        I think it would be the worst feeling just leaving an animal dying and screaming in pain.

        • There is a scene in Mass Effect 2 in which you have to choose to capture a bad guy, or let him go in order to save people from dying in a fire. If you choose to let the people die, you get treated to listening to them scream in agony the whole time you're concentrating on catching up to the villain. I imagined something similar would happen with the dog. Still, though. In this case it's not just mercy vs. cruelty. The fact is that some people will accept undesirable circumstances, like guilt over letting a dog suffer, just to avoid having to take an action rather than remain passive.

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            Mrwalto69 BANNED

            I don't feel guilt over killing the dog because Clem wasn't trying to hurt it, she was just defending herself and as it turned out, the dog got impaled.
            I don't feel guilty about killing it. Sure, it's hard to do but i'd rather end it's suffering then walk away seeing it die in agony.

  • That part was so terrible. It was upsetting. I had my dog next to me the whole time too, so it made me even sadder. I put it down too. Poor little guy, he was just starving. He was a family dog, so I'm sure he wasn't aggressive before the zombie apocalypse. That was a very shocking and sad scene.

  • I didn't really understand tho ... The dog was all nice and playful and as soon as you gave it a little bit of food it went crazy !

    • The dog probably hadn't eaten in weeks, maybe months. Once the food was there it's instincts took over. It did a very good job of reminding me that it was an animal.

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      Jennifer Moderator

      It's because Clem reached for the food after the dog grabbed it. If she hadn't done that, the dog's fight or flight instincts wouldn't have kicked in.

  • I killed it too, but NOT because it attacked me! I simply wanted to put it out of its misery.
    I shared the food and all. It just wasn't very clever to take away food from a starving dog....
    Also, dat sewing action later on... Iegitimately did not like what I saw!

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