• I definitely agree that it's gotten much crueler and colder, but to be fair, it's been nearly two years. Lots of people have seen lots of folks getting killed because they made a choice that wasn't as ruthless as possible.

    • True and I realize that I'm biased (the entire audience is) because I played the entire first season trying to protect this little girl. I just can't believe the hatred towards Clementine. Children are the future, they need to be protected. I would think that people would be overjoyed to find a child, especially a smart, capable little girl like Clem. I'm sure Telltale is making a point that this isn't the same world, but if there's ever any hope at returning to a semblance of normalcy, people are going to have to look out for the younger generations. They're the only chance that humanity has at continuing. I'm hoping that Tavia's group (from 400 Days) is more welcoming and kind. I seem to recall them mentioning that they had kids in their group.

  • 19 months or so into a zombie apocalypse. 19 months of starvation and backstabbing and scrounging for even the barest means of survival. 19 months of getting bit in the ass hard every time you try to 'do the right thing', while watching your loved ones die in droves around you.

    You bet your ass people are going to get pretty cold.

  • They'll redeem them, I'm sure. I also suspect Luke is going to show some darker colours. I have a bad feeling about him... if I know Telltale, he's too nice for it to last.

    Remember, the group seem to warm to Clem a bit when you talk to them post-shed. Nick becomes quite friendly if you're understanding, and apologies several times. Carlos is clearly on the edge, but otherwise seems quite decent. Luke becomes very friendly once the bite is dealt with, Pete remains affable the whole time, the man with the glasses wanted to help Clem all along but it's apparent peer pressure is scaring him.

    The only one who really seems to be a total tool is the pregnant woman, but no doubt they'll find a way to have us warm to her.

  • I refer you to Chuck's words. "...you're alive." People want to stay that way, and just because Clem is little it doesn't mean they mustn't take precautions when approaching a situation like that. Yeah, I feel for Clem, yet I understand. As for Rebecca, I feel she will be the Larry of episode 3.

    • Lol. I hope so. Sorry, I know that's terrible to say about a pregnant woman, but she ticked me off. You'd think a woman who's about to give birth would have a bit of a maternal instinct, but she was the nastiest one towards Clementine. I say "good riddance to bad rubbish" if she doesn't make it. ;)

      • She was really bitchy. I tried to get along with Larry because he had a reason to hate Lee. He was a convicted killer and his daughter was in the group, the only family he has left. I wouldn't expect him to be all open arms and reeling in hugs, however Rebecca is just a plain bitch! She hated you from the very moment you met her, even after the bite she is cold as hell to you. What pissed me off the most if Clem is only a little girl! Why the hell would you hate a little girl looking to be protected?!

        • Amen. I'm with you on that. She really ticked me off. She'll make a horrible mother if she lives through the birth. No human being, let alone a woman, let alone a pregnant woman, a mother, should treat a child in such a way. I really don't like her. I was tempted to mention the baby to her when the option came up, but I opted not to for fear that she would kick me out. I wonder what happens when you bring it up.

      • you are dumb, shes pregnant

        • Riiiiight. If you can't handle civil discussion, maybe you shouldn't be posting. I don't get why you're so hostile. This isn't an argument. It's simply a discussion. I see no need for your nastiness.

          • your upset at a woman having a baby with walkers everywhere

            • I'm upset that she's so cold to a little girl who's been through the mill. I would think that a woman so close to having a child of her own would feel the need to protect another child, but she just wants to throw Clementine to the walkers. Of course I'm biased because I played season 1, an entire season dedicated to protecting this child, but even if I hadn't it still wouldn't sit right with me. Pregnancy isn't an excuse. Christa was pregnant, but she still was a good person who cared about an orphaned little girl. I just think Rebecca seems like a crummy human being. She's a cheater (apparently) and the type of person who leaves little girls to die. That's not someone I would want to be around during the zombie apocalypse. Maybe she'll change and redeem herself. I hope so, for the sake of her own child. In the images for the upcoming episodes, Clementine can be seen with her, so there's hope I think. I can't help that I feel protective of Clementine because that was the entire focus of the first season and because I have a sibling around Clementine's age and I understand how vulnerable and precious children are. They're probably humanity's most valuable commodity, in real life and in the zombie apocalypse. Without them, humanity has no future.

  • I wouldn't just believe the "new guys" words just like that. All we know Harker could be a good guy. I don't trust this Carlos guy at all. I'm not sure who or what or why they killed Roman, but it must be the good guys since Roman was mostly bad in the end of Shel's episode.

  • And how do you know that Tavia's group was safer? She was, as Vince puts it, "well-fed" which could mean a lot of things. coughBanditscoughCannibalismcough

  • The normal jerks, I'm okay with so long as they fall in line when they really need to, but I'm more concerned about this Carver guy. Pete and Nick were pretty terrified at the river when Pete said it was probably him. The way they went on made it seem like he was a bad dude. REALLY bad.

    • Maybe Carver is Telltale's version of the Governor. That would be interesting to see.

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      K0t0 BANNED

      I...didnt see it. That scene confused me and I'm not sure if it was a failure of communicaion by TTgs writers or if it was intentional.

      They were acting like somehing completely awful happened...unm...people were shot? Sooooo? Thats not entirely uncommon, they made it seem like they were brutally tortured or something.

      Remember that that other thug was there to, its possible these dead bodies were actually all bandits, and they were killed as such

      • They made a bunch of comments about the bodies being "full of holes" as in REALLY shot up. Plus, the place was at the river in the exact spot that they catch their fish. The part that they were probably freaking out over was that the shootout had been so close to their house, or at least one of the places that they frequented. Which would mean that they're likely to run into whoever did it (probably this Carver guy Pete mentioned), who is likely to not be a very nice person if the gunfight at the river was his work.

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    While I don't agree with them locking Clem in the shed, you have to consider their own situation. For starters, they were all pretty caught up in the heat of the moment. They took care of a bite victim in the past, who then promptly reanimated and bit one of their own before they could do anything. It's only natural their initial reaction to Clem, who they believe to be bitten, is initially one of fear. Even more so when you consider that someone very dangerous is after them, making her a potential threat regardless. Also, keep in mind that it was Nick's mother who got bitten by the bite victim they were taking care of. That explains why he is so quick to shoot at Clem-because he didn't last time and ended up having to kill his own mother after she got bit. He also later apologizes. Alvin, I've heard, will offer Clem a bandage and juice box if she gets him to sympathize with her. Luke's against locking her up at all.

    Also, I believe they ultimately changed their minds. They call a meeting almost immediately after leaving her in there. And consider how they find her with the walker. Why were they all suddenly outside and by the shed? I think that, after calming down, they had realized their mistake and planned to bring Clem inside.

  • I think everyone panicked and got mad because the last time we saw Clem she was 9 and when we saw the way she was being treated it was very different to when Lee was around. It took a bit to sink in that she is older now and can handle herself.

  • There a bunch of assholes who don't know how to properly treat an infectious wound.

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