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    I like Luke and Sarah the most. But I Alvin's voice actor is my favorite, he has some of the best line deliveries.

  • There's something... "off" about Luke. I can't put my finger on it. He's just... too nice. I definetly think we're going to see his darker side come out.

    I expected the 'final' choice to be between Luke or Pete. That it wasn't tells me something is definetly up. They want people to get attached to the only person (aside from Pete) who was outright friendly to them.

  • I think Rebecca is that kind of character you hate at first, then the plot make you fee bad for her. Just look at the picture of episode 3. Also I believe the baby is from Nate (400 days psycopath guy) Just a crazy guess.

  • I was pretty sure there was something up with Sarah the first time I saw her but she was willing to help Clem so I think her heart is in the right place.

    I think Luke is good but there's something off about him. He's too nice for someone who's been living in the apocalypse for two years. Looking back, I think I'm going to regret sharing so much information with him.

    The rest I'm just not sure about. There was no scene like the drugstore in Season 1 where I could just walk around and talk to people so I'm hesitant to make any judgements.

  • Luke's my favorite so far along with Sarah.
    I'm a little bit worried about losing Sarah ... Just like Clem lost Duck ! It would be so sad !

    My least favorite is that fcking bitch Rebecca. I told her to be nice to me or else.

    • I also really liked Sarah. But when she asked Clem to be her friend, the face Clem made was really bitchy. If only there was a way for us to have more control on how the characters feel.

  • i´m so not trusting anyone except nick (i saved him. Pete was bitten, at least it seemed this way). You always can trust the character you choose to save (doug and carley), at least i hope so xD

    All the others are just not trust worthy. Luke seems nice and could be the new friend in the group (like kenny for example) but theres something that doesn't seem right i don't know why.

    The black guy who does what ever his wife(?) tolds him even if this means to not help or even kill a little girl (i mean what the hell). Someone like that isnt trustworthy.

    Rebecca. I think most of us are on the same page when it comes to her but somehow i think she will become much nicer. Just a thought.

    Carlos. Like some said, worst doctor ever. He looks out for his daughter and that is kinda nice but it can also be very dangerous if you are not his daughter if you know what i mean.

    sarah. She did creep me out a little (best friends etc and the fact that she really thinks she and clementine are nearly the same age. Could be of here sickness if she has one so i don't know) i kinda have the feeling she could be a new Ben ore a Carol (comics) ore Ben (from the comics) but i dont hope so. I kinda like the idea of a real friend (looking at you kenny) who is always on your side xD

    and i am kind of sad that the first new character we get to see (the women in the toilet) dies. I don't know why but i liked her. Could be the voice ore the idea of redemption ore something like that xP

  • Why you have to say the guy is black? can't say he's just fat?

    • cant speak for others but it helped me to know who he/she was talking about

    • He is fat, but he is also black. These things are truths. The poster didn't say that he was fat because he was black or anything like that. Don't look for racism that isn't there.

    • You're right, there was no need to point out the skin color.

      The reason lies within our societies, we put a label on anything that "stands out" :
      If an African goes to the US, he is described as a black man.
      If an American goes to North Africa, he is described as white man.

      I don't think it's right to do this, but I also think this isn't the forum to discuss this complex issue. :)

  • Here are my impressions:

    Luke: Too suspicious of him, he's too nice. Liked him for saving Clementine's life, but that quickly changed when he dropped Clementine when he saw the dog bite and temporarely turned on her. Sure he redeems himself for not siding with his own group on having Clementine killed under the suspision of being bitten by a walker, and tries to support her whenever he can...but I still can't shake the feeling that he's too nice. I hope he's a red herring, otherwise I'll find his darker side a little predictable.

    Pete: The one guy who I felt comfortable with the most, as he appeared to be the most genuine and upfront, and one of the least hostile group members.

    Nick: Boy was I angry at him when he got trigger-happy with the rifle and nearly shot Clementine, and didn't care for his attitute afterwards, but I decided to let it go when he apologised for his actions afterwards.

    Alvin: Barely know much about him to cast judgement on him.

    Rebecca: Just what is her problem? Rebecca certainly makes Lilly, Larry and Christa appear kind in comparison, considering how much of a cruel bully she is towards Clementine. I didn't even speak to her, she wasn't worth my time.

    Carlos: I was somewhat alright with him until he refused to fix Clementine's wound, and then started getting aggressive towards Clementine for approaching Sarah and for stealing the necessary supplies to fix her wound that Carlos wouldn't even fix.

    Sarah: Suspicious of her as well, since she appeared a little mentally unstable due to how sheltered she is. I thought she was going to backstab me when she wanted a pinky promise. Even though so far I was proven wrong about her, I'm still suspicious.

    • Suspicious of her as well, since she appeared a little mentally unstable due to how sheltered she is.

      Glad to see I'm not the only one who thought of something like this, at least briefly. When Carlos started telling Clem that Sarah "isn't like you" and that there were "things" Clem needed to know, I thought he was going to say she was maybe a high functioning autistic or something. (Dunno why I thought that, it was just the first thing that popped into my brain.) Which would've been an interesting twist, but I'm sorta glad Telltale didn't go that route.

      In the end though I don't think Sarah's unstable so much as she is lonely, and understandably excited to see another kid after being stuck around a bunch of arguing adults for so long.

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