Thoughts on the new main characters (spoilers)



  • I'm def reserving my judgement on Rebecca.

  • I hate the Rebecca!

  • I felt Luke was kind giving off a rapey vibe... I don't know, but he's being a little too nice to a 10 year old when he's easily 20.

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    There's something... "off" about Luke. I can't put my finger on it. He's just... too nice. I definetly think we're going to see his

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    Luke: At this point, I think he is a genuinely good person. His reactions seemed appropriate for a good person who lives in that kind of world. I know decades of zombie apocalypse stories have taught us that people who are nice are actually crazy, but I don't see any reason at this point to believe he is anything other than a good person.

    Pete: Stand-up guy. I like him. He seems like exactly the kind of person I want around. He's bit and will probably die... :-(

    Nick: Sort of an incompetent bumbling buffoon but a decent person. I think he will try to do what's right and has the maturity to apologize. That counts for a lot in my book. I didn't save him, but he ran away and possibly survived. If he survives, it's hard to tell how he might react to my not saving him, so we'll have to see if he ends up being trustworthy (or alive).

    Alvin: I have no opinion at all. I barely know the guy exists.

    Rebecca: She's a complete bitch. I'm not going to get over that any time soon. If I was given a choice to save her or save a mosquito, I'd probably save the mosquito. If this game turns around and tries to make her a sympathetic character, it's going to take a lot of convincing to get me on board. As far as I'm concerned, she's Clem's enemy and that's that.

    Carlos: An idiot and an asshole. We need him around for whatever small amount of medical knowledge he might possess, but he is no friend of Clem's and she will treat him accordingly.

    Sarah: A little too sheltered and innocent obviously, but a genuinely good person. My Clem fully intends to keep her promise to be her friend, but that doesn't mean Clem will respect her asshole father's wishes to keep her sheltered.

  • Luke: At first he seemed like a nice guy, but now he's giving off a weird, almost pedophilish vibe. He seems a little too nice to Clem and I'm guessing there are gonna be some darker moments coming.

    Pete: I liked Pete the most, and he felt the most level headed and felt the easiest to relate to of the group. That's probably why he was killed or could be killed off first. I chose to save him, but that leg's got to come off and I don't think he's gonna survive.

    Nick: Besides almost killing me, I didn't hate him. After he apologized, I understood where he was coming from. He definitely needs to grow up a little bit and take some responsibility, but I found him to be overall a good-hearted guy. Would have saved him if Pete wasn't involved.

    Alvin: An easily manipulated man who may be a threat down the road. I liked his one liners but otherwise he's the biggest unknown.

    Rebecca: Like most, I didn't particularly care for her. She's pregnant, I get it, but she comes off as way too much of a bitch. I straight up asked her "who the father was?" and told her that "she should be nicer to me." I hope I get to run with that and keep up the black mail to keep her quite.

    Carlos: I'm on the fence. He told me to stay away from his daughter and I kinda pushed his buttons a little. He may prove to be a good man but I could see his desire to protect and shelter his daughter causing someone else pain. Also, I'm not a doctor but I could clearly tell that that was a dog bite...

    Sarah: She may have a high functioning form of autism, but I felt she was a little off from the beginning. I just met her and I could tell she lacked some social skills (could just be from being locked away all day). Anyways she helped me, but I think that pinky-swear is gonna come back and bite me in the ass.

  • I went with Nick because we already know no matter what you do a person cannot stop the change once you're bitten.

  • Not true... If you cut off the infected area almost immediately, you can save them. Dale's (comics) and Hershel's (show) legs were both amputated and they survived. Lee waited several hours to cut his arm off, and by that time, it had already spread. Obviously a bite to a non-appendage is lethal but an arm or leg is survivable. Will Pete survive, I don't know, and I don't think so, but it isn't out of the realm of possibility

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    I went with Nick because we already know no matter what you do a person cannot stop the change once you're bitten.

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    Luke - Nice guy but to me it seems he's hiding something about his past or about his true intentions

    Pete - Seemed nice on first glance but he was obviously hiding a bite on his leg so I let him die

    Nick - He's actually a pretty nice character but kind of a coward. I still like him pretty much.

    Alan - I asked him for help because he was against cutting of my arm. He's a very caring character and got me what I needed even though it could get me in trouble. Too bad he's being controlled by his wife

    Rebecca - Probably got raped by the group the others mentioned. Obviously it's hard to trust strangers after such an event, even if they are still children

    Carlos - I don't think he's bad but he's trying to protect his daughter from the evil in the world. Maybe a little bit delusional..

    Sarah - Can probably count to potatoe. But else she's actually a nice and gentle person I'd trust.

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