• Totally agree, Lily seems a lot more plausible than Kenny. Lily is much more likely to be a part of a bandits(?) group than Kenny.

  • I agree that it's more likely that shes a bandit than Kenny, due to her attitude, but i just struggle to Believe that in 16 months Kenny or Lily have somehow managed to meet up in the same area, this means they would have literally traveled in the same direction as Christa and Clem.

    However, there could be some sort of community in this area that attracts people, so people may be brought to it idk.

    • Could the community that you are hypothesizing be the community that Tavia in 400 Days was part of?
      She described it as 'a growing settlement up north' and when Clementine was with Christa in Season 2, Christa did mention something about heading north.

      That's something to think about

    • Well obviously it's somebody Clem knows, and she is terrified to see, her tone of voice and facial expression show us that. The only person that fit those two catgegories are Lily or maybe the St. John Bros. If anything she would be happy to see kenny.

  • My vote is still with Christa or Kenny. Christa for obvious reasons; Kenny because I assume Omid and/or Christa would have told Clem at some point what happened to him in Savannah, and that everyone assumed he was dead.

    I'm not sure Clementine would really have a reason to think Lilly was dead, though--in my playthrough I kept Lilly with the group until she stole the RV, so the last time Clem saw her, she was speeding away from the railway. It seems more likely she'd write Lilly off as "missing" rather than "dead" in that scenario.

    I wouldn't mind seeing Lilly back either (or any familiar/friendly face at this point--one who doesn't die five minutes in, Telltale), but that's still where my vote goes.

    • I doubt it's Christa ... I mean she had like 1 day to find safety , a large full-armed group and also become an important member of it ?
      (now that I think about it , what I just said applies for Clementine lol)

    • I'm sure it isn't Christa. Why make her disappear in Episode 1 and then make her return in the next one. I still vote for Lilly or Kenny, and I really want it to be Kenny. Everyone says it's not Kenny just because she doesn't express happiness in her face and in her tone, but dat mean nuthing to me.

      • truth in my play through she didn't even seem to like kenny until duck died and she was sad for him but what little girl wouldn't be. So i see no reason why she react that way for kenny.

  • My money is on Lily, too. Telltale now has carte blanche to do with the character whatever they like, since she's been separated from Woodbury Lilly. We never saw Lilly die, whether we left her or took her. She's a far more likely returning character than Kenny magically surviving in the middle of a swarm of walkers.

    • For this reason Clem thinks Kenny is dead, not Lilly. Lilys is more apropriated in this situation, but Kenny is more likely including what Clem said in the preview.

  • I was just going to make a thread saying this, actually. Part of me is annoyed you beat me to the punch, the other part is glad at least somebody said it.
    I thought 'Well, it's not very likely that Kenny's still alive, and there's only one person I can think of, other than Christa, that is, that Clem might think is dead but is actually alive; Lily.'

    Edit: Also to be noted, she looks and sounds shocked negatively when she says 'I thought you were dead', as in, like it was somebody she's afraid of... she would probably be afraid of Lily after she shot Carley/Doug so suddenly.

  • I think this isn't the first, or even the second thread to have called it.

  • proof or it didn't happen..

    calling it after the fact is meaningless

    • I quote myself:

      " Comment on 'Is that him in the new trailer?'

      I fear that we will see the last of Omid and Christa in episode 1. I'm afraid it's going to be a very dark episode, only episode 2 might be a little lighter.

      Here's my rough guess: Clem finds Omid and Christa, they survive, for a while with other guys. But end up moving and bump into some random strangers. There's a struggle, and either Clem is kidnapped or forced to go with the random guys and Omid and Christa get shot or some other dark way left behind.

      Clem fends for herself, must try to escape and find better people. The guy with the same hair as Kenny is probably not Kenny. I guess if Kenny did survive, we'll only see him as early as episode 2 (the not so dark episode I predict).

      December 13, 2013 05:59 AM "

      • you got the game early are trying to look smart...

        cos thats just to accurate to be truly a guess..

        i'm just a sceptic.

        • People guess accurately- it happens. People win the lottery too, but you don't see everyone saying it's rigged.

        • I said the fight Clementine had with the one guy and falling into the river might be early in the episode, too. When you're presented with a scenario, there's really only so many outcomes once you narrow down what's plausible and what's way off in left field. It's not like Clementine is going to be skipping through a meadow picking daisies while Christa and Omid sit on a picnic blanket nearby playing with their baby. It's the smaller details that make it a lucky guess or makes you the next Nostradamus. Or perhaps you're just like Sherlock Holmes and use reasoning rather than guessing.

          Things can be pretty predictable once you figure out what's plausible and what's not. Once you narrow it down to what's likely, you have a higher chance of success in guessing what the outcome would be. Although there's always the chance of a massive twist. How many guessed the ending of Season 1? But for the most part, I'm sure the players can predict at least up to most of Episode 5 with some accuracy. Question becomes what predictions we piece together that everyone came up with and which ones we throw out as unlikely. By the time Episode 5 comes out, there will be plenty of posters here and on other boards who predicted something happening correctly.

          • all i'm going to say to that is, why bother working it out or even over thinking everything from a screenshot or trailer,, why bother even playing the game at all, heck your paying for it anyway so why effectively do all that shit and remove value from it..

            i have been very careful to avoid as much info as possible as i prefer to discover the game for my self as i play it, not from carefully chosen scenes or screenshots..

            but what ever floats your boat dude...

            • You over analyze my reasons, I just like putting my mind on the story. If you don't, ok, fine.

              How can you even say: "you got the game early".

              That makes no sense.

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                Mrwalto69 BANNED

                He can't handle the fact that you got it right so his butthurt and can't accept it. Maybe his butthurt because Nick wasn't Kenny haha.

                • 'you got the game early' makes no sense ? wow dude... just wow.. pretty simple surely ? you got a leaked copy or was one of the first few people to download it..

                  then post up and act all smart and look at how clever i am...but i guess you just got lucky.. get over yourself...

                  as for all this over analysing i wasn't analysing you at all, i just made some random comment about what you and others may or may not be doing,

                  case in point of why over analysing can not end well is the screenshot of omid... most people thought it showed him later in the episode/game and then since he was offed in the opener, people are hating on the episode... you just happened to be one person who got it 'right'..

                  now if say you'd posted that inital 'call' a day or two before the release on pc then yeah it would of been a bit more believable but since you did it within a matter of hours before i saw it was available.. just looked suspicious...

                  but whatever...

                  • Geo92 isn't the only one to predict Omid would die. I think a lot of us did. Why are you so up in arms over this?

                    • well he's the only one who i've seen making such a song and dance about it,

                      if i'm right about stuff i don't gloat or show off i just post in a comment somewhere relevant but this guy makes a shiney new thread to proclaim his success...

                      talk about showing off and needing his ego feeding..congrats guys you have fed it..

                      i call bullshit THAT IS ALL now just ignore me..
                      Alt text

                      • Lol. He didn't gloat. He just mentioned it. You're acting like you're really insecure or something. Guessing deaths in a game where everyone dies is hardly a sign of intellectual superiority. It's just something people do. Relax. It's not a big deal.

                        • making a new thread/topic just to point it out he got it right and now seemingly updating it with his other predictions ?

                          i'm not a big deal out of it, it's all you lot raging and downvoting who are....

                          i don't really understand how my not believing someones post on the internet makes me insecure 'or something'

                          i'm quite relaxed but again you lot seem to be the ones making such a fuss..

        • How does accurately predicting a death in a game where everyone does make you look smart? Why would he lie about it? It's not a big deal. People make death predictions all the time with this game. He happened to be right. I believe him because it's not something that someone would lie about to "look smart".

  • The biggest problem I have with this theory is that Clem has no reason to think that Lilly is dead.

    • Like two years isnt enough...

    • Surviving by yourself in times when there were clans was considered unlikely and exilement often meant death.

      Being left for dead, by herself, exiled, on a random road? During the zombie apocalypse? Yes, that is surely "no reason to think that Lilly is dead".

    • Precisely. She says it like she was pretty certain that they were dead. I don't think it's Lilly, personally. Though if I had to which character would team up with the bandits, I'd probably bank on Lilly over Kenny or Christa. We'll see.

  • think its kenny because clem wouldnt really think lily would be dead. she was left in both scenes so clem wouldnt just assume she would be dead.

  • Wait, are those guys they were talking to bandits? I never got that vibe, I just thought it was a tense standoff between heavily armed people. If they WERE bandits, then I think they would have been shooting before anyone got within conversation distance.

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