• I compared the brightened silhouettes to various characters and reached my own conclusions, which match some of the ones I've seen in this thread. I won't bother posting the Eddie comparison because everybody knows it's him beyond a shadow of a doubt. The two center silhouettes, who Clem is standing in front of, I wasn't able to make out much of the features of. My best guess is that the one to the right is Molly because it looks like they're wearing a hood and a mask covering their lower face but I can't be sure.

    Just to clarify, since a lot of people think the silhouette with longer hair might be Kenny or Wyatt, this is it compared to Vince. i.imgur.com/T4Ezb2E.png

    As you can see, there is a striking similarity in their hair, especially at the top of the head. Also, while the silhouette's hair seems longer, the tufts of hair near his neck closely resemble those of Vince's. From his hair alone, it should be obvious this is Vince, though if you look closely you may be able to see some of Vince's facial features on the silhouette as well.

    The silhouette to the far right compared with Carley i.imgur.com/pkkE0Yy.png

    I horizontally flipped the silhouette on the far right and compared it to Carley... and the similarity is very striking. The stray strands of hair match up just about perfectly, as do several of the little gaps in their hair. Admittedly, the hair of the silhouette looks like it's shorter than Carley's but considering how well the strands of hair match up... I'm pretty positive this is Carley.

    The silhouette to the far left compared with Doug i.imgur.com/j5c7AJf.png

    This time I didn't need to horizontally flip anything. The ear seems to be exact same size and shape. There is also a dip in the hairline at the same point and a strand of stray hair next to that dip in both places. Their hair is similarily rounded and the shape of their face is also similar.

    So, I can now conclude that the silhouettes on the far sides are most likely Carley and Doug. Which is odd, since they are undoubtedly dead. There must be a reason they were used in this slide... and they do share something in common. They can both be murdered by Lilly. I think this is a clue that we'll be seeing Lilly this episode.
  • Are people still trying to figure this out? this is so 4 months ago lol

  • We will meet some family members from the first groups.

  • What if it is Glenn, just longer hair and all that shit

  • Bumping this discussion.

    You're welcome.

  • Why are people referring the silhouettes in the back as models? It's just a whole image.

  • Kenny and Eddie are in it, but who are the other people?

  • Hey, lets speak achievements. Did you know that on the picture for S2E4's achievement named''On Foot'' Jane is the one carrying Rebecca's new born baby, which could lead to Jane killing the baby to surivive easier or, to save it from a life of misery. Second Choice: Jane could end up taking care of the baby, which get s her killed possibly leading to S2E5's achievement''Kindly Stop For Me'' and, then Clementine has it take care of it all the way to possible S3 or, Jane makes it to the end of the season with it, becomes Clementine's new guardian, and dead in possible S3. Any other way, with''On Foot'' being the second last achievement of S2E4, this proves that Rebecca will have her baby possibly die, then Jane, and Clementine will have a group proving that Jane will be confirmed for S2E5's No Going Back! Im a genius.

  • The person to the left of Clem is Kenny. He has the same hair as Kenny and looks to be wearing a like Kenny

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