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The Walking Dead Season 2 Music

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Previous thread for Season 1 (& 400 Days) music:

It's self explanatory what i'm doing, so i'll just skip past the details. As of now i only got two songs uploaded, i'll be progressively uploading a new song but i'll try to get all of them up by today, got exactly 6 hours to do it, so it's recommended that you keep checking if you have any song you want to find. You can request something to be uploaded faster, go ahead, and i'll do it! And after i am fully done uploading music, i'll post a download link so you can get all of it on your computer.

Happy listening everybody! And be careful if you haven't played yet, spoilers are everywhere on youtube!



  • Due to the fact this most likely won't get noticed unless i'll bump it (The activity really skyrocketed on this forum due to the release of the episode :P), i'd like to note all of the songs that i think are worthwhile to upload, are uploaded, as per usual, check'em on the playlist! On top of that, there's a download link on the first post. Be aware there's more then multiple song leftovers from season 1, but overall, every single song from season 2 episode 1 is in the download. Enjoy!

  • I think you missed the one that plays right a t the beginning, when it tells you "Click to start"

  • Thank you...much appreciated :)

  • BUMP: I have begun to upload music from Season 2 Episode 2, playlist in the first post. I'll be uploading them progressively through this one hour, then through the next day and so on until i'm out of songs to upload. I'll notify when all songs have been uploaded by posting on the thread again.

  • Thanks again for the work you're doing :)

  • I finished uploading all the music from season 2 episode 2! 22 tracks in total, which is a really convenient number. Have a good time listening!

  • For anyone who is interested, the music playing on the CD player in the ski cabin, in episode 2, is Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers from his The Nutcracker ballet. Does anyone know what the music is on the CD that Clem reads as "Cousin Jared's Concert"? It sounds somewhat familiar.

    Edit: It's Mozart's Lacrimosa from his Requiem Mass.

    • The Lacrimosa movement is listed in the credits--it's barely audible in the background during the lodge scene. I didn't recognize it at first because the harp music that comes out when she starts the CD player is the beginning of Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers. Maybe they thought the beginning of the Lacrimosa was too sad-sounding, but they do switch to it later. You can listen to it here:

      The words are in Latin, but they mean:

      The world will be full of tears on the day
      when out of the ashes
      the guilty man comes to be judged.
      So God, have mercy on him.
      Dear Jesus, give them all eternal rest.

      (edited because the italics were messed up--what can I say, I'm a former orchestra nerd)

  • Hey dude, did you take your channel down? :(

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