• They really did a good job on S2 E1. :)

    I have to say that the way they told episode 1 was done excellent and a huge leap forward from S1.
    The only thing that I missed was being able to walk through Clem's new "home" to have more talks with
    the new cast. I felt that compared to S1 we didn't have as much dialog.

    But overall it was a great start for S2. ^_^

  • i agree lee and christa showed her everything she needs to know in 2 years

    • Yeah but to be honest. Omid didn't get a much time to teach Clem much anything. Unless he really dedicated his time for her to teach useful stuff. It looks like Christa did teach her a great deal however but this is just an assumption based on how she acted after the time skip.

  • They did a excellent job on this game!

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