• I had the opposite problem, where it said I killed Danny when I actually spared him. Really makes me wonder what else has been affected and I'm a little hesitant to play until it's sorted.

    • Same here ... I can't play it if it doesn't remember my choices. That's the most interesting feature of the series. I really hope someone will pass by with a solution, because I already looked for a save editor back when I played the first season and I couldn't find any ...

  • Also, I have checked the stats for each episodes on the first season and I noticed that they were NO stats for the third episode. I think the choices have been randomly generated here. So, any save editor ?

  • So ... nobody ?

  • These issues, plus the basic fact that you can't move a Season 1 save from iOS over to PC or XBOX or PS3, they should just create a damn Season 1 save file generator, so we can set up the start to Season 2 how we want. RANDOMLY GENERATED? Seriously? I feel like I deserve a refund for this.

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