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Where are my decisions from Season 1 and 400 Days?

posted by Julez on - Viewed by 140.8K users

So I bought Season 2 not over Steam, but over TellTale to support them.
I got the other ones over steam and didn't think about my saves.
Am I effed here, because I got Season 1 and 400 days for Steam and this one not?
It would suck not to have the decisions, because I didn't buy it over steam :(

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    Your save games should still work with your non-Steam version. If you are having save troubles, please make sure the Season1 save data is in the proper file location for your computer to locate it.

    If on PC:

    Copying the prefs.prop and all .save files from
    %PUBLIC%\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\


    %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\
    should let season 2 find your savegames.

    If on Mac:

    ~/Library/Application Support/ Telltale Games/TheWalkingDead and do the same thing.

    Make sure you choose to overwrite the existing prefs.prop. file.

    • There is nothing in the public folder. For those with the steam version of season 1. This prefs.prop file is located in steamapps>common>Walking dead>pack>default

      But copying this over did not do anything for me either.

      Do you know what folder exactly season 2 uses to retrieve the saves? Because when I start a game in season 2 it just says unable to find season 1 saves. There is a folder in my documents folder for season 1, right there with season 2.

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        MattP Telltale Staff

        This is not where your saves should be on Steam. They should always be in the Documents folder and never in the install directory. If you moved your saves to this folder, please move them to the proper save directory or they will not be read by Season 2.

    • Same issue here. I have Season 1 on Steam, and I bought Season 2 on GMG. I found the .save files and prefs.prop files in my public folder, but the game does not load them.

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        tronix Telltale Alumni

        Since you've located your save games from Season 1, you should simply need to copy those saves into a location where Season 2 will look for them. That will always be a Telltale Games folder

        C:\Users\Username\Documents\Telltale Games\WalkingDead
        ~/Library/Application Support/ Telltale Games/TheWalkingDead

        On PC, Documents may be My Documents depending on your windows version and if you run either game in a compatibility mode. The game is expecting a folder for Season 1 saves to be next to the folder for the Season 2 saves within the Telltale Games folder.

    • Hey Mike, can you please update the Vita players on what's going on? We all expected to get to play at the end of March. I have a PS3 I could play it on but I played the entire first season on my Vita and want to have the save file. Any news or updates on the Vita versions status would be appreciated!

  • If your saves aren't being recognized just try to press "play now" and then go back to the menu, after five or six times the load-save screen appeared to me.

    • This actually WORKS!
      I had to do it a couple of times and then the game found my old saves.

    • I was going mad, but this actually worked. Just click Play, and then go back to the menu as many times as you need (for me, it was four times). Suddenly, a screen with the message "Load season 1" will appear.

      You don't need to move the files from folder to folder at all!!

      Thanks xdavidx!!

      Now... let's play!!!1

  • My saves arn't crossing over no matter what I do :/
    I've tried putting the saves into my E:/Documents/TelltaleGames/WalkingDead and my C:/Users/Username/Documents/TelltaleGames/WalkingDead and nothing is seeming to work.

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    When you install Season 2 a save directory is created. Usually here - C:\Users\Username\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead Season Two.

    As long as you can find the Telltale Games folder that contains a The Walking Dead Season Two folder, placing The Walking Dead folder with Season 1 save games into that telltale folder next to the Season 2 folder is where the game should be looking for your Season 1 save files.

  • [EDIT] Turn out all is fine i was not patient enough and the game found the saves later as i actually started playing :)

    I have the files under ~/Library/Application Support/ Telltale Games/TheWalkingDead on a mac and the Season 2 does not detect them (i have a lock icon on My Choices in game menu). The season 1 was bought on Steam and Season 2 from TTG.

  • Where does it list what you have completed? My save is in the right spot but when I click my choices its locked.

  • Putting the saves in the other folder didn't help, they were already the same. Game registers my completed Season 1, but doesn't register 400 days. Need help, this really hinders my enjoyment of the game :/

  • Do you all really start a game (choosing Play+Start)?
    Because I first thought too, that the choises/ old savegames are missing, but when I finally start playing e1, the game gave me a message, that there were found s1 choises and I had to choose from which old savegame I want to load them.
    After playing a few minutes I went back to main menü and "my choises" were unlocked. But you will only see the choises of the new season there.

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    DjNDB Moderator

    If anyone in here still has savegame import issues on PC or Mac, please post the requested info in this thread so I can try to help efficiently.

  • Season 2 can't find my saves from s1 or 400 days. i play on my ipad, but don't want to play without my saves from the previous games. I hope there will be a patch soon.

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