• Is there really no solution? I have all the .save files in the folder. Is it because of the .prop files? If I don't have the correct .prop file, my save games are GONE?!

    telltale how is this okay? I've been online searching for answers and have found MANY (not just a few) other people with the same issue. I have NEVER in my life seen such a broken save issue in ANY game. And Judging from what people are saying it may take a whole month before my email is answered that I sent to them!?

    I am not purchasing season 2 until I can get my season 1 saves to work. If they are gone, then oh well. I really enjoyed the first season and really wanted to see where season 2 was going to go.

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      DjNDB Moderator

      I wish I could have answered earlier, but there was a lot to do here yesterday. I made an extra thread for savegame issues so i could handle them as quickly as possible, and had no time for digging through anything else but the never ending notifications. Just a few hours ago I finally got down to 0 notifications for longer than a few minutes for the first time since before the release.

      I hope I can find a solution for you, but it doesn't look promising. I don't see any .save files in your savegame folder, only a prefs.prop.
      Also on your system there are prefs.prop files everywhere. If it was like that when you played through season 1 there most likely won't be any consistent savegames anywhere.

      The only place where a prefs.prop should ever be is the savegame folder:
      %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\
      Any subfolders of it, or subfolders of the install folder must not contain any prefs.prop files, or the savegames will break if the game is continued.
      Sadly TTG hasn't fixed the cause of the multiple prefs.prop files for TWD S1. I try to guide people as much as I can to mitigate that problem, but it's only a workaround.

      TWAU and TWD S2 have a new savesystem that is designed to be more robust.

      If I read your past comments correctly, you used the timestamp fix to work around savegame issues. That was a very early workaround provided by users, but it turned out to be a bad choice, because it doesn't carry over decisions and leads to inconsistent savegames.

      Meanwhile I have enough experience with the savegame system that I can recover savegames properly most of the time, if the issue happened recently and the game has not been played any further.

      Long story short - If you want consistent savegames, all you can do is clean up your system from any prefs.prop files in the install folder or its subfolders, delete the savegame folder, and play season 1 again.
      If you intend to do that I will help you make sure your system is clean in that sense.
      I also have another unpublished workaround that might be able to prevent it from happening again, but it's only theoretical and not yet tested in a full playthrough. The downside of that workaround is, that it's not compatible with playing on multiple user accounts, so it's only suitable for users who are entirely aware of that.

      • Wow I didn't realize you guys were so busy!

        I don't know if I should post my stuff in this thread still or the other. It seems the other thread is all about importing to season 2. I'll move it over if its easier for you!

        Sorry about that upload. I guess I ran that when I was messing around with all the files, which is why there are about a billion prefs.prop. Here is a better scan.

        I recently deleted the whole walking dead folder in my documents, uninstalled the steam version. Reinstalled it and only imported the save games and prefs.prop (I backed up everything first). Still didn't seem to work.
        Thank you for your honesty, and like I said, if it would be easier to move this over to the save import thread, I can do that.

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          DjNDB Moderator

          You are right, the other thread is mainly about season 2.
          It looks pretty clean now, but the prefs.prop should be about 60KB or bigger after a season 1 playthrough, so it doesn't look promising.
          Since you used the timestamp workaround, these savegames are useless for season 2 and are inconsistent in season 1 already.
          That workaround replaces the prefs.prop and doing so removes past decisions, breaks rewinding, and who knows what else.

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