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Series Two Episode One. Quick Rating

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Sorry if there is a similar post already, couldn't see one. Feel free to move if there is.

Quick rating and a brief commentary of series two episode one:

For me it's a seven.

As emotional and gripping as ever
Clem is just the best
A good range of characters and attitudes
I'm feeling my stitches scars ache again!

Far too short, not more than an hours gameplay with most likely a 8-10 week break ahead of us.
I'm not really convinced a dog would snap like that and not just want the food
Predictable walker in shed moment
No sign that choices really matter yet (I know this is still too early so not deducting any marks for this yet) but this episode was more linear than series one.

I liked the use of Omid in the launch just to bump him off straight away, a good call I think but would be good to get someone besides clem to tie down to the series for a while. I guess episode two will give us Kenny or Lily for that...

p.s. Clem cap in the store please!

  • I'm giving it an 8. Only con for me is that the episode was way too short.

  • I'll give it a 9 My only complaint is it was kind of short :P

  • 9.. even though it was shorter it kept me wanting more and had all the good stuff in it.

  • 7, would be a 9.5 but I had a couple glitches that forced me to close and re-enter the game, and it was really short compared to all the other episodes.

  • 7.5 for me. I didn't care for the length; I mostly had problems with the plot structure and how Clem's choices are influenced by the player. There are lots of dialogue options that you can choose as Clem that wouldn't attribute to her usual character. This just sort of ruins immersion for me.

    Nevertheless, it was better than S1 E1.

    • Couldn't have put it better.

      Honestly,I'd give it a 6.5/10.Underdeveloped characters,very short,too much gameplay.Confusing and complicated targeting system (dafuq was wrong with S1's targeting system?Don't fix what isn't broken.)A lot of previous characters also lost their touch.And the absolutely awful animations.

      • you do know that this is episode one right episode 1 is for introducing characters and the setting am sure well grow to like they's characters in time but for now I give episode 1 a 8.5 out of ten

  • The directing needs improvement; the writing and story are amateurish at best. The new characters feel underdeveloped. It is also very, very short (I was seriously expecting the episodes to become longer and not shorter after the huge success of the first season).

    The beginning of season two does not come even close to the quality of any of the episodes of the first season. As a HUGE fan of the series I am somewhat dissapointed, but won't give up faith that the season will drastically improve in episode two.

    I was so happy to see Clem again, If it wasn't for her then I would rate this episode even lower. Not because it is bad, but because it has lost much of the charm and spirit that made the first season one of the greatest games ever made.

    Final Verdict: 6.5 / 10

  • 6.5 not as gripping and slightly disappointing in some areas. Making a full post soon

  • 8.5 for me. A strong start to the season I thought, but I did think it was a bit too much on the short side of things and that is really the only thing I have against it.

  • 9 for me. It defiantly lived up to my expectations and the action sequences were awesome. I don't understand people criticising how the direction of the story isn't clear? Sometimes not knowing the direction or not being obvious to the direction of the story adds to the suspense due to you not knowing what the ultimate goal is. Not only that it reflects Clementine's situation, unsure but trying to survive.

  • 5.75/10 Extremely short with barely any gameplay and sudden crap ending. Definitely the worst episode they've done in the last few years.

    It seems to me the success of the first game hit them in the head to crap out a sequel as soon as possible. The Wolf Among Us was far more impressive and waiting 3 months for episode 2 is absurd

    • totally agreed. and those 3 choices were too obvious (~90% of people made same decision)

    • Absolutely agree.
      I'm actually surprised anyone except me is saying anything about animation in the episode.Seriously,have you seen that?How much time have they spent animating movement and facial expressions-1 week?Ironically,S1 had much more detailed animations even though TT was a low-budget company back then.The awkwardness when a character is moving is honestly the first thing I noticed as soon as watching the Previously on The Walking Dead scene.

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