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A Very Dissapointed Steam Customer

posted by Jawaka on - Viewed by 1.1K users

I pre-purchased this game from Green Man Gaming about a month ago. At the time I didn't see any mention that this game wasn't Steam Powered. There may have been a disclosure at the time that I over looked but I don't think that it's unreasonable to do considering that this is one of the first Telltale games to not be Steam Powered.

I've contacted both Telltale support and Green Man Gaming support and neither wants anything to do with me now that they already have my money. Both companies are pointing me to the other if I want a refund. I'm sure that both companies can see that I haven't downloaded the game and the key is unused. I would think that Telltale would be the most capable in helping me out since I don't even really need a refund, I just want a Steam powered version of the game and they're the ones that supply Steam with the keys that they sell. Either way I'm buying your game.

And yeah, I've already seen another post here on these forums about this (which was locked) with instructions to contact support. I'm making this thread because I've followed that instruction and support doesn't seem to want to do anything to help me. Note that I'm not being abusive or hostile in any way, I'm just looking for customer service from a company who's product that I purchased.

If there is already another thread about this issue that hasn't been locked please provide me a link to that thread before you lock this one so I can bring my comment there.

Thank You.

  • I don't get why anyone would assume there'd be a Steam Key if it wasn't explicitly promised to you, honestly.

  • You know, you can always download it and add it to your Steam games list as a Non-Steam game.
    I know, you probably wanted it through Steam so it is easy to install for when you do a format in the future, but I don't realy see the problem to be honest.

    Not to be mean, but it isn't Steams fault so I'm not sure why you are a "A Very Dissapointed Steam Customer". Be disappointed at Green Man Gaming or yourself.

    Just take this as a lesson for a future purchase mate.

  • I really don't remember seeing it posted that this wasn't a Steam game. Is that my fault? Sure. I never said that it wasn't. I just don't see what it would be such a huge hardship on Telltale or Greenman Gaming to refund the purchase and allow me to purchase the version of the game that I originally thought that I was buying. Worst case scenario for Telltale is that they'd send me a Steam key and cancel their own key. I'd still have purchased their game and they would have made a customer happy.

    • I really don't remember seeing it posted that this wasn't a Steam game. Is that my fault?

      yes, you should understand that only Steam store provides you with steam-powered games. Rest retailers had to be checked twice.

  • Um, if you would have quoted one additional word you would see that I admitted that it was likely my fault.

    That's still no reason to not offer a refund. The game that I purchased is essentially the same as an unopened game. the game hasn't been downloaded and the key hasn't been used. So how is digital distribution supposed to be beneficial to us again?

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Well, I guess the refund wouldn't really hurt them that much. Still, it's a strange request ("Sorry GMG, I'd like a refund because I'd rather have bought from one of your competitors and/or distribution partners").

    considering that this is one of the first Telltale games to not be Steam Powered.

    You can buy it on Steam, just like any other Telltale game, so it's "Steam Powered".

    You did not buy it from Steam, so you could not expect it to be delivered by Steam. That should actually close the case.

    Contacting support is for people with reasonable claims as to the functionality of their games. There are a few people who have those rightful claims, so adding to GMG's and Telltale's workload with this kind of strange argumentation (which begins in the thread title, as right here you are not a "Steam Customer") could be perceived as a bit unfair towards people who possibly can't even play the game.

    If you are of the opinion that games should only be distributed through one all encompassing publisher, if you think that all vendors should put up huge red lights if games happen to not be distributed through that single publisher, and if you in fact expect and demand every game to be delivered by this random third party provider only, please buy a console. In PC gaming, which I have done for almost a quarter of a century now, exactly this kind of service diversification is key to the survival of the platform. I'm really happy that Telltale attempts to do that.

    Moderators on the Telltale forum are all volunteers from the community and still belong to the community. They are not employees of the company. Their posts express their personal opinion and must never be mistaken for official company statements.

  • Yes. I obviously made a mistake and overlooked the fact that I purchased a Telltale key and not a Steam key.

    I'm not disputing this. You don't have to keep pointing out that I made an error.

    My point is that Telltale can probably verify pretty easily that the key that I purchased was never activated and the game was never downloaded. That makes it an unopened game for all intent and purposes. Practically any retailer on the planet would allow a refund or an exchange for an unopened piece of software. Why the need to be so consumer unfriendly? How is digital distribution supposed to benefit the consumer again?

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