• She's naive and sheltered. She likely doesn't understand - or chooses not to - in what bad shape the world is now like. Carlos says as much that he wants to keep her "protected" (likely her innocence) from what's out there, and presumably that's going to come back and kick him/her in the future. Clem has seen and lived through horror, but Sarah hasn't.

    Though it would be an interesting dynamic to see Clem build with Sarah, kind of like a younger Lee so to speak.

  • My assumption is that she's autistic or has some other sort of mental health issue that's causing her father to be overprotective and try to keep the world away from her.

    • That's what I thought at first, I thought she had aspergers or something, which is why her father was keeping everything from her.

      • Me too. In my playthrough, Clementine seemed to be a little uneasy from the "We can be best friends!" and "pinky swear" conversation. I think one of Clementine's dialogue options (correct me if I'm wrong) were "but you're older...", so that may be hinting to something else. I could be wrong though. There has to be something else that the game hasn't told us; no way can someone be shielded completely from the undead world with the usual circumstances.

      • I had Clem be her friend on my playthrough because I morally felt Clem should be the kind of person that can respect someone even for their differences. Also I had reason to believe Sarah can be an asset at some later point.

        • I completely agree. I made Clem be a friend to her too; pinky swear and all. That being said, I'm not sure whether that interaction will be an asset or a mistake later on. Like OP mentioned, I got an eerie feeling from her, especially with the background music that made me second guess myself.

          You're probably right though. :)

  • I asked for her help and chose not to answer the "Are we friends?" in fear of disappointing her in the future.

  • Decided to stay quiet when she asked if we were friends. Didn't feel comfortable being buddy buddy with someone I just met.

    • I went way too far with it - not only did I say I'd be her friend, but I pinky-swore on that shit.

      • I figured that if she was going to steal from her group just because Clem asked her to when she needed help, then she's earned a friend. No matter how strange or off she may be, I said I'd be her friend because it was the least I could do in exchange for her helping to save Clem's life.

        • Gotta good point there. She did steal from her group to help out Clem in her time of need and probably could use a friend around her age. Just don't want to get too close to any other kid, especially after my little buddy Duck.

  • Yeah, its almost like I felt Clem would be there for a while, so i figured she needs to get to know others better. It could be good or not, I guess shall see.

  • I think Sarah will try to leave her safe haven to play/hang out with Clem and get killed.
    And then the wrath of the group will rain down on Clem. Nooooooo !

    • It seems she is very curious on what is going on outside, so that can be a likely scenario.

      Unless Clem decides to show her how to protect her self before that happens.

      • Yeah you either get to secretly train her...or she will be trapped with you and some point, be useless and simply witness what you have to do to survive. In Season 1 Clem was the broken Cutie and now she will probably break one herself.

  • I thought she was autistic.... Carlos made me feel bad when he said i "manipulated" his daughter.

    • I didn't feel bad at all. Anyone who would put a little girl who's bleeding in a shed and leave her to die is a total jerk in my opinion. I don't really care for this group, personally. Clementine may sound grown up and even though we adults (most of us anyways) are playing as her, she's still only 10-11 years old. My little brother is around the same age and he's a such a child still in my eyes. I can't imagine treating a little girl, who's lost everything and is all alone, like that. I know it's not Sarah's fault, but I'm sure as hell not going to feel bad about trying to save Clem's life by asking for a little peroxide. They acted like she stole for fun or something. She could have died.

  • I pinky swore. I thought she seemed harmless enough, and she hadn't seen anybody Clem's age for a long time. Then I felt bad when Carlos said I manipulated his daughter and to stay away from her. Although I have already made a promise now, so I wonder how that will play out in episode 2.

  • I just told her we were friends and all that so she'd give me the stuff I needed. I'm sure that will play out VERY negatively later on. Something like Clem and her will be arguing about how Clem had to pick the other side of an argument and Sarah will say something along the lines of "You said we were best friends! You pink swore!" and then zombies will jump her and tear her throat out or she'll get shot and clementine will be blamed because she, I don't know, some evil telltale writing will make it so.

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    I take Carlos's 'cease to function' literally, like she has some kind of medical condition

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