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Hi, all.

As you're aware, there have been some issues with the launch of TWD Season 2, and I personally was one of those affected by these server issues. While for some the issue has been sorted, there may be some still having problems.

This has led me to post a suggestion which I hope someone from Telltale reads.

I know many launches don't particularly go to plan, not just Telltale's, but personally I was more upset at the lack of communication about the issue. As far as I can tell the Twitter and Facebook pages were used to share praise, which is for the most part deserved, but they were not used to inform those that were experiencing issues that they were being worked on. There could have also been a sticky on these forums, yet there wasn't. From what I can tell from other posts, this isn't the first time this has happened, so let's hope that if it happens again that you be a little more communicative about the existence of the issue and reassure us that you're ironing it out.

This is my first Telltale launch, and hopefully I won't have to make it my last.

Finally, I just wanna say, episode 1 was great and I can't wait for the others. Keep it up.


  • There was absolutely zero communication except "email us".

  • The communication just keeps getting worse and worse. There is no concern with any technical issues which have become more and more common. I'll bet they've already gone home for the day and left us who can't access the game with our hands in our pockets overnight. Furthermore, they don't even advertise their release dates anymore, they just quietly release the games and then update the website days later. Man, I miss the days of Sam and Max Seasons 1 & 2 when everything worked on release date and the entire release schedule for the season was disclosed up front.

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