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Was Told By Telltale Support That I Could Get A Steam Key

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Shortly before the launch of Walking Dead Season 2 I emailed with a few questions, because I wanted to play the game on Steam like I do with Walking Dead Season 1 and Wolf Among Us. I asked whether it was possible to get a Steam key if the game was purchased on's sale. My email was given a ticket (ticket ID# 12766 if any mods can check)

The following response was sent December 14th:

Hi Alec,

If you purchased The Walking Dead: Season 2 from a third party website, and did not realize it was a non-steam version, we will be able to offer you a Steam key. We currently do not have any Steam keys, but we will closer to the release of episode one. You will need to email us again closer to the release with your TTG code that you will be provided. After we verify the TTG code, we will be able to send a Steam key.

Thank you,

So, I thanked Evan and sent my TTG code again early today hoping to get a Steam key. I also sent a fresh email (ticket ID#13128) with my request just in case the support system did not allow for email replies.

However, over the course of the day, several others have reported that Telltale will give absolutely zero Steam keys. In one report on reddit, a user said that Evan, the same Support staff that emailed me, said exactly the opposite:

Has the story changed? I have not received a response back from my support emails with a Steam key, but I can absolutely forgive that because I am sure that the volume of the tickets is crazy on a launch day. However, something I can't accept is the conflicting accounts, especially because Telltale support explicitly told me that I was able to get a Steam key. I purchased this game expecting to enjoy it on Steam and get achievements as well as automatic downloads of subsequent episodes.

Thank you,

  • I genuinely didn't know it was non-steam when I bought it, but I bought it cheap so I would do it again, but still, I much prefer using steam for the game, TTG's method is ridiculous.

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