• I also trust Pete but he's dead so now I have to hang with Nick

    • I dunno, if yo go with pete it shows that he is going to cut his leg off.. it might work... i really want to trust luke but now everyones saying he is "too nice" its starting to make me cautious

    • Well im not so sure about that, i mean saving Pete seems like the better choice. Nick survives either way whether you save him or not. And b4 the credits it shows that Pete's gonna cut his bad leg off so he just might live

  • The only one I trust is Clem. ::paranoid look::

  • thats why lee was a badass they all would be dead if lee saw what happen he would kill them like he did them walkers

  • ^ Damn right about that.. the closest thing Clem got to being physically abused in season 1 was the st john brother that pulled her hair.. Lee flipped shit over just that.. If he was alive and he saw a someone almost shoot Clem or lock her in a cabin.. I wouldnt even want to think what lee would do..

    • I can see it now..Lee arrives at the house. They tell him Clem is in the shed.."What the f...? You put a hurt little girl in the shed and you didn't even treat her wounds??"
      ::Fade out and in to..:: Lee and Clem walking away from the house. Lee is holding Clem's hand. The house is completely engulfed in flames. Clem turns her head to Lee and says, "Lee, did you really have to burn the house down?"
      Lee says, "Yes Clementine, they were bad people."

  • I'm in complete agreement with you. I made a similar thread earlier ("What's with all the jerks?"-title). They're cold as ice. She's only like 10-11 years old and they treated her horribly. Lee was treated FAR better and he was an convicted murderer and a grown man. I couldn't believe how cruel people were to her. She could have died. I'm getting Clem away from these people as soon as it's an option. Anyone who treats children with such cruelty is not someone I want to be around. I especially disliked that Rebecca chick (the pregnant one). Talk about lack of maternal instinct. You'd think a pregnant woman would be more empathetic towards an orphaned 11 year old all alone in the zombie apocalypse. I had Clementine tell her that she knew that the baby wasn't Alvin's. It felt good to stick it to that woman. :)

  • You make a great point about the new social setting Clem finds herself though I can't help wonder how 'good' Clem's previous group would be if they had been in that cabin. It's hard to imagine Kenny or Carley not speaking out in defense of a wounded girl, but consider that this new group has had an additional 16 months of survival to deal with. Even for the few months we saw the first group they were becoming less and less merciful/friendly. Clem is an outsider and as Chuck said the there are no longer has young girls in this world, only the living and the dead.

  • Well, it's not that much different from when Larry flipped his shit over some blood on Duck's face. The appearance of a bite is much more serious. People are just being cautious. The only one that seems to be unnecessarily rude, even after Clem was cleared is Rebecca, though I imagine we'll get some exposition about her in due time.

    • ^ Yea true.. but at least kenny was there ready to beat the crap out of Larry.. Clementine is by herself making the situation even more dangerous when they thought she was bit.. no lee to come to her rescue this time.. As for Rebecca we will probably be delivering her baby and warm up to her..

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