• Lily was an Air Force deskjockey, not Special Forces.

    I would like to see Lily again just so long as she doesn't turn Chaotic Stupid Evil to appease the "Omg she killed my waifu!!" crowd.

  • honestly, from the moment when it was clear that there would be a "safe place" in 400 days, i thought that telltale would go the governor route. back then i didn't thought of lilly as the governor yet, but now it seems really plausible. however, i hope that telltale will give us something more inventive than a governor storyline. or at least only as a story in one episode and not a whole story arc.

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    I srsly hope not.

    1. Governor yaaawwwwwn no thx plz do something original
    2. You mean governor from the tv series LOL no thx, awful character design, terrible contradictory character. Comic Governor was 1000 times more edgy
    • Glad someone else thinks this. After I played 400 days, I did get excited at the possibility of a Woodbury situation but I hope that Telltale doesn't go with such a cliched choice. I can't even watch the tv series, all the characters are so different from the comic book versions. I wish AMC had gone the Telltale route and told a story set in comic universe with a new set of characters.

      • They already did a great job giving us a headfake toward a situation like Woodbury in Crawford, only to have them completely destroyed by the time that we get there.

  • I highly doubt that because

    1. Lilly's a selfish bitch who cares about no one but herself, if she finds a safe haven, she'll keep it to herself instead of sending someone to recruit others.
    2. She wouldn't bring new people in as she considers them more mouths to feed as she was against Lee bringing Ben's group to the RV.
    3. I don't think a group of guys would let a lazy whiny bitch order them around while she does nothing to contribute, she was only leader because her douche-bag dad scared others to follow her orders, without her dad, she's nothing.

    Lilly has the capabilities to be a good villain but I don't she'll be a Governor style character.

  • That'd be pretty cool, and I don't even like her at all.

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