• I also will do future reviews

  • Great review I completely agree. I loved this episode it felt like it went to fast though..Well doesn't every Telltale game :)

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    K0t0 BANNED

    I'm goig to review my breakfast.

    There was this one time i got the knife and buttered the bread and omg wow it was like that one time
    i got the knife and jamme the Sunshine brand bread, the best there is!

    For those who cant read between the lines: Redundant, random bits of conjecture and overall bias

    This was a terrible review, however you hit the nail o the head if you were actually trying to retell exactly what happened in a childish matter.
    Reviewers dont review by saying "Omg so fallout 3 yeah im a baby and then im in a vault and then blah blah blah"

  • I think this was a very good review. everything is definitely more rushed. But I am guessing that is because it is the first episode of the season, it had to be filled with action. Im sure there will be other times when it is peaceful.
    One thing I want to add in though is about the new controls. I dont like the new controls as much, I liked to be able to cycle through the options with my mouse, now you have to click on either the top of bottom of the circle and click the box of what you want to say. The reason i dont like this as much is because at one point i couldnt click the bottom option of the circle thing when there was a really intense scene until I backed up a bit, so that made it a bit harder at times.

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