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I downloaded All That Remains and it disappears after installing...

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Hey guys,
I downloaded 'All That Remains' on PSN and after it was done downloading, i went back to the playstation home menu to install it. Once the installation reached 100% the icon disappeared! I tried to make my PS3 recognize the game by putting in the Season 1 disc i bought this summer but no luck. With the disc I can play episode 1-5 and it gives me the option to get 400 days through PSN but no sign of Season 2... It doesnt recognize the download. Back in the playstation homepage I can see "The Walking Dead - Season 2 Unlock Key" in the Game Data Utility folder but I cant play the game... My PS3 is fully updated. Do i need to buy 400 Days in order to start Season 2? Is it because I started Season 1 with a disc instead of a download? Is my PS3 defective? Why is this happening?!?! Help!

An avid fan

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience, you need to download The Walking Dead Season 2 Game Demo, and as long as you have the unlock key installed, the game demo will unlock into the full version of the game.

  • hey!! what is an unlock key?? i just bought season 2 demo and cant find it anywhere.. please help

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      If you have purchased the game, you should be able to go onto the Playstation Store, and all the way at the bottom of the Main Menu, you will see View Downloads. Open that menu, and you will be able to see all of the games you've downloaded/purchased. If you purchased The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 1, you will see the download of the game, and the download for the unlock key. It should be between 2-3mb in size. Please download and install it, then when you start Season Two, the game should now be unlocked into the Full Game.

      • Hey mike i have the Same Problem Here in germany. I've bought the season Pass for season 2 for 20€ and installed IT. But heres my Problem. I online have Episode 2 and the season Pass in the European (german) store to choose from.
        How can i get the game Now?
        I tried to download the Demo from the us store to try your help way from Above , but that doesnt work... :(
        Help please!

        • Maybe it's a similar problem to the one i have. I've bought the season pass in december and it was marked as OWNED in the episode menu. After downloading episode 2 today the pass inside the episode menu is not marked as OWNED anymore (it tells me that i have to BUY it, but if i try i get only an error message). I tried to redownload the season pass from PSN but nothings happen if i check the download icon in the store.

          TT should do something about it asap because its really starting to be annoying. TWAU is buggy as hell(stuttering on the Ps3, often horrible loading times and crashes). TWDS2 was not that bad but now they mess up our passes we already paied for.

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            TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

            If you are unable to download the episode you've purchased using the Season Pass, please make sure you are signed into the account in which you originally purchased the game from. Please also make sure that you are looking in your View Downloads page, and not looking at the game's page in the store. If you are unable to download the game from the store, it may be because you already have it downloaded and installed. I recommend that you delete the game from your system, and then re-download and install a new copy from the View Downloads page in the Playstation Store using the same account you originally purchased it with. (Please note that this will not harm your game saves)

            • But this still does not explain why the game is telling me that i don't have a season pass. Everything was ok before i've installed the 2nd episode. This looks to me like it's a problem of the software itself and should be fixed. Episode 2 was delayed for people who bought the game from EU PSN awhole week and now it is messing up the season passes. It really start to be ludicrous.

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