• I thought that woman looked like Anna Correa, the women from the Crawford tapes. :P

  • Ok maybe the female isn't her. But she seemed to me.

    The guy lies in the same poistion, that the guy on the bed in episode 5 lied. So on him I'm pretty sure.

    edit: So i went back to look, and the woman the one from the room in episode 5. And also lying in the same position.

  • Was a little bit disappointed when I saw the bed dude, but hey, the game is amazing.

  • Aaaw Made. I was so proud to have recognized Anna Correa. You crushed all my dreams.
    But good job. :p

  • Thats the price of releasing the game on basis quicker, quicker deadline in a week!!!

    • I don't mind beating in the same walker's head five times. But these two models were quite prominent. They were the center of the scene in episode 5. And therefore quite memorable. So that bugs me more than reusing walkers over and over again.

      • Yeah i agree on the point totally, these are in a bit wrong place, players attention is being put to both situations by the game itsself for some stupid reason...

  • yep they keep re-using models like this bandit uses re-colored model of vernon...
    Alt text

    • But at least recolored. Those two on the river are exactly the same. Even the position they lie in. They could have put them in different clothes at least. Like I said, they were the center-piece of that room in "No Time Left" and therefore very memorable. And then you see them in the same position wearing the same clothes on the river.

      edit: The man even looks "wrong" on the river. He should have been recoloured simply for fitting better in the lighting of the scene.

    • I didn't even notice that. They both became bandits in the end I suppose.

    • This is quite true. I think I see some similarities in some of them. For example:

      • Russell is using a retextured Omid's Head and a body quite similar to Ben's.
      • Bonnie is using Carley's jacket body.
      • Stephanie is (this could be wrong) one of the Zombies they had in one of the previous episodes, but I can't remember which.
      • That model that is a reused Vernon, as you said.
      • The couple you mentioned.
      • Roman using one of the St. John brother's heads, as mentioned by Wallcano

      Evidently Telltale likes to re-use a lot of their resources and I do not care. But in the long run it gets to the point where, just like the voices, you can tell who was the original owner. Like:

      • Shel has the same VA as Katjaa
      • Justin has (clearly) the same VA as Ben.
      • Pete has the same VA as the St. Johns brother that sits guard. (A fresh pair of organs for dinner? Mmm... Wouldn't that be nice.)

      The list goes on, of course, but I am really glad Telltale brought in new voice talents for the new season.

  • Alt text
    Alt text

    Andy and Roman were the only ones I really noticed looking re used, others share simalrities but thats all.

    • The difference is though: Roman got his head shaved and the beard a little darker and different clothes. The two on the river are completely identical to the couple in episode 5.

      So I guess what bugs me is not the reuse of a "model" as such. That saves time in production and I'm ok with that. But at least put them in different clothes or something.

    • Katjaa and Brenda were reused model to I think.

    • No. There may be a similarity in the eye shape between Andy and Roman, but otherwise they're different and other than they're both older women with bob cut hair, Brenda and Katjaa have very different faces. Really, people are pretty boring. How often do you see people who look like other people you know? There's really only so many faces to go around, even in real life.

  • They also re-used logan(zombie doctor at crawford) he is the zombie pete kills when they get to the river.

  • The bodies in Episode 5 at the river were just an easter egg,I believe.

    • I tend to think the same. Since they weren't changed at all. Unlike other re-used people. Where they put effort in at least change the clothes, the hair and tweak the face here and there a bit at least.

  • Anna Correa and Christa used the same model. I think Russell was made using Omid's base model, as well. There's also a total of like..maybe 10 zombie models. Or so, so seeing the same zombie a lot is both funny and confusing. But twdg is a lot smaller than you'd think. If they made new models for everything and put them all in, it would lag to all hell and would also take much, much longer to make. So, all in all, I don't really mind. I find the reuse of models actually kind of entertaining. At least with reused models like the bed-couple, you're not sitting there making theories on who new characters are and how they got there. : >

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