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Windows 8

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Can season 2 be played on Windows 8?? I know that Season 1 was not able to be played on it...

  • Yep..Just finished playing it on windows 8 on my Toshiba laptop. You should be fine :)

  • Worked on mine too. The first season worked on my PC as well and I have Windows 8. Where did you hear that it doesn't work? I had no problems with either season.

    • I read it here:

      You pretty much made my day if it does work on Windows 8 :D

      • Lol. It does, at least for me. I think those other people were probably having a different issue. I never had any problems with it. It installed and ran just fine. It may have crashed once on me (most every game does at some point), but I've played several playthroughs without incident. I hope you get it to work because it's a great season and I'm sure you'll want your decisions from season 1 to cross-over to season 2. If you have issues, the Telltale people are pretty helpful too. That thread is the first I've heard of it not working on Windows 8, but like I said, I think they had a different problem than system compatibility. Some thought it might be a problem with the graphics card. They were saying that Intel graphics cards don't work well with Telltale games. So, check your graphics card and if it's made by Intel contact Telltale on the forums and ask them about it. Good luck!

        If you're unsure of how to check your graphics card (there's many ways, but this is an easy one):

        • Go to the Start menu (on Win 8 click in the bottom left-hand corner)

        • When you're on the menu, start to type in "graphics"

        • On the right side, where what you're typing comes up, you'll see options for where to search. Apps, Settings, and Files are the options

        • Click on Settings, and type in "graphics" in the toolbar

        • "Change advanced color management" should come up on the left- click it

        • It will open a page that has a tab that says "device"

        • This page will tell you what graphics card you have

        • If it's Intel, I would contact Telltale on the forums.

        • If not, you're probably good to download and install the game.

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