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Was making the playable character a strike out or home run by TTG?

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Those who followed my previous posts know I was very critical that TTG decided to make the playable character for TWDS2 Clementine.

I became very enjoyed with the melee style that a adult brought to the table for fighting and felt that I liked to decide what the group did and did not do. Realistically no group would have a 9 year old be their leader in a situation as TWDS2. My other worry was that TTG would downplay the violence and OHSh!t moments because clementine has a dedicated fanbase who winces at the thought of her getting scratched.

I am currently downloading ep1 on PSN. I'm trying to keep a open mind going in.

What are your thoughts after playing episode 1 of season 2? Did TTG hit a home run by making clementine the PC or did they strike out?

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    Well firstly I disagree that Lee was ever the leader. And therefore i secondly disagree withyour outlook focussing on the action not the conversations.

    TTG chose the edgy route. Oh and the violence? Dude not to spoil but this first episode has more violence and cringe then all of season 1 combined...

  • Ha! If you fear they toned it down you'll be pleasantly surprised. Again, as Telltale has stated in the interviews they have done, playing Clem is a different experience socially, not just physically, and it shows. It's a shame that we don't get enough (IMO) interactions with these characters, but it works. Really, it does.

    As for my general feeling while playing Clementine, I never had a problem to begin with, but I really enjoyed it. I was in her mindset by the time of the third scene.

    Take my words as you wish.

  • Had my worries about Clem as being the PC. But honestly, this is a great episode. If you are worried about violence getting toned down consider this.

    Remember cutting of lee's arm? There is a moment that is more cringe inducing than that. This is a dark episode in a lot of ways.

  • Trust me this episode shocked me... they havent toned down shit..

  • 100% knocked out of the park, without a doubt. Though I never doubted it in the first place. Telltale knows what they're doing when it comes to a good story.

  • 100% knocked out of the park, without a doubt. Though I never doubted it in the first place. Telltale knows what they're doing when it comes to a good story.

  • Play the episode, then explain what has been "Toned down" Not a thing has.

  • Sorry I did not get a chance to update the thread. I wanted to make sure that I played the game a few times before I wrote my thoughts.

    So I started episode 1 of season 2 trying to keep a open mind and I was shocked to see TTG make the dick move of adding a time jump. I really hope that TTG gets the memo in the writing office but that time jump was horseshit and bush league. I have played a lot of telltalegames products and I do not remember any having a time jump.

    One thing is for sure TTG did not tone down the episode. The death scenes were good and I was happy with the darkness that TTG is exploring. As for playing as clementine I still have mixed feelings about it. This is a girl who has been a typical girl her entire life, she was not a hunter or a outdoors type and never noticed any combat training classes for her yet she can almost bite a grown mans thumb off. Her survival and investigation skills seem to be very very high considering she could not even find her lost chalk back in the motor lodge in season 1.

    I can't seem to play season 2 episode 1 without adding Lee as the playable character and that's not what I expected from the past reformat es of TTG writing.

    All in all my feeling are mixed so far. It's not a home run or a strike out yet.

    • Umm, pretty much anyone can bite a grown man's thumb off, I would think. Clementine seems physically developed enough that she could cause major damage with her jaw and (due to her young age) new, sharp permanent teeth. As for survival and investigation, I think that was the point of the timeskip. She was with Christa, of all people, for sixteen months, and we all know where she stands on survival. Christa would obviously have taught her things she needed (although her being taught how to tend a fire seemed dubious) and it makes sense for her to be the way she is. As for the timeskip, I agree that it could have been handled better, but I see it's point too. Clementine would be too young without the timeskip for us to make pragmatic decisions without it seeming out of place. At least now, we are left to fill in the gaps of those months with our imagination, and what with Christa's baby dying, it's not too much of a stretch to think of how she could have become sassy (if that is how the player makes her seem). Lazy writing on their part, perhaps.

  • Clem was the only possible playable character, it couldn't be Lilly, Molly or the Governor!

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