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But Lee never told Clem..

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he loved her. I'm VERY new to the game but have absolutely fallen for it. Why didn't we ever get the option to tell Clem that we loved her? That's all no big deal..just wondering.

  • After playing the full season 1 AND SEASON 2 ep1. The writing would tell us they love one another. Sometimes you don't have to see it in the writing as i love you. it's just common sense.

    • No just for Clem. For Clem to hear Lee loves her, just once. Not for us as we well know.

      • she do know lee loved her, he saved her many times that's why in episode 1 of season 2 she talks about lee alot

  • I'm inclined to agree. Among the choices in the very last scene of S1E5, it would have been nice if the one last thing that Lee had to say could have been "I love you."

    It's not necessary and it's clear to me that they loved each other, as I'd imagine it is to most fans. But it still would have been nice to hear. Though it probably would only have broken my heart that much more. :(

    • its better that they never said it, it would mean the writers dont think we dont understand that writing

      • Eh. My significant other and I show each other love in such a way that we don't have to say it, but we certainly have said it more than a few times. I don't think that it's a lack of trust in your audience to have a character tell someone they love them before they can't say anything.

        • I agree. I say it all the time to my husband, but I don't NEED to. I do it because I like to, so does he. It's a good thing to say and to hear (if you truly mean it), especially when life is so fleeting (even more fleeting in the zombie apocalypse). You never know what can happen and telling someone how you truly feel can mean a lot to both parties. I don't think the audience ever doubted Lee's love for Clementine. Having him say "I love you" wouldn't hurt the writing in my opinion. It's a very natural thing to say to someone you love dearly and whom you've risked life and limb for.

    • The detail is that TTg want to display a heartless world as is the comic.

      • I don't think that's the case at all. Season one was absolutely about people who loved each other going above and beyond to do what they had to do for the people they loved, even as everything went to shit around them. The story is practically all heart, in fact. :P

        Yes, there are heartless bastards, but imo, one of the biggest themes is finding a way to maintain your humanity and decency in the face of all of this bullshit.

  • Honestly, I felt that it was more loving to never say it, or anything like it, but instead, to die giving advice.

    "Don't be afraid."

  • It's not like we see every exact moment of their lives in games. It makes total sense that Lee had said it at some point. But not sure if you say so at any point during our game time.

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