• Lee makes a reference to it in episode 5. It wasn't really secret.

  • It's been a while but I thought that everyone knew that she was pregnant?

  • Yeah, Lee straight up tells Christa that she's "Walking for two" right before going across the sign toward the Marsh House.

  • A ton of people actually figured it out by Episode 4 or 5 last season, with even a few shots in the dark right after Episode 3. I'm more concerned with what happened to the child after Omid's death. It's absence after the time skip was... well, that actually probably says it all right there, doesn't it?

  • For me I feel they wanted to do a timejump and also they were done with Christa and Omid as characters. However as people can't ever seem to just let characters go they had to kill them. I guess they were also a way to explain Clem surviving for that long. Yes Christa may be alive however it seems nigh on impossible she escaped if you dont distract the guys

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