• I believe the reasoning was that Pete appears to have been bitten, and thus is dead anyway. I also chose Pete, mostly because I found Nick to be annoying. It was probably the wrong call, but Pete is the only member of this group I like even a little bit so I thought I would giving the chance to milk a little more camera time.

  • Pete. It isn't my fault Nick can't aim for shit, and if he lives through this, he'll make a good ally. He was more or less open to Clem.

  • I went with Pete, because he was out of ammo and Nick wasn't. Also because he and Luke are the only ones I like so far. Besides, thinking about it, Nick would probably shoot Clem by accident or something. Given how he nearly blew her head off when she arrived at the house, and Pete's story about his first time hunting, I have no idea why anyone would trust that man with a gun.

  • I went with Pete. I felt hesitant at first because he was bitten, but I don't regret that choice (Apparently if you save Nick, Pete gets eaten). Besides, Nick's got a gun. He'll be fine... I think.
    Also I prefer Pete's company over Nick's.

  • I went with Nick myself, for the same reason as the other person who did - Pete was bitten and already fucked, at least Nick has a chance. Though from the descriptions I've heard, it doesn't matter much because Nick probably survives anyway. :P

  • I saw him being bit and i assumed he would be dead anyway, he also seemed to be very old (not too old of course) and decided that the younger and more healthy one would be my choice.

    Many here say they like Pete more here and there but i really feel for Nick with Pete's story and when he apologized. He seems troubled and i think he can be a decent character if given enough help and time.

  • I saved Nick. I really liked Pete but that was my response because he was bitten. I know if you save Pete things looks better but thats my choice. Thats how i would choice in reality so i wont change it.

  • I saved Pete because he seemed both nicer and more competent than Nick. In the confusion, I didn't notice he'd been bitten; if I had, it probably would have changed my choice.

  • I saved Nick because he reminded me a lot of Ben, and Clem really liked Ben.

    • Same here the way Pete was always bashing him reminded me of how Ben screwed up from time to time!
      *Edit: Plus he was strong enough to lie about the bite, if he'd survived the attack it would either be Dead by the disease ipso facto a bullet to the brain or they would have to amputate that leg...

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