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please help!

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Hey guys i hope you can help me. So I haven't played season 2 and im just so excited and can't wait! But I have my files on xbox. If I get season 2 on xbox can I transfer my saved files and also can someone plaease tell me how I can download the xbox game to xbox and from where?
  • Do you mean that you have a new Xbox and want to transfer the save from your old Xbox to a new one? Otherwise, I'm confused. :P

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    Jennifer Moderator

    I'm not sure what you mean. If you want to transfer the files from one Xbox 360 to another, then go to system and then to storage and you can transfer your save file to a USB drive from there.

    If you're wondering how to transfer files from season one to season two, then you don't have to worry about that since the game searches for season one save files automatically when you first start season two.

    Note that The Walking Dead: Season Two isn't out on Xbox 360 yet. It is scheduled to come out on Wednesday. Once it comes out, you can purchase and download it from the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace.

    • Ok thank you so much! Yes I have only one xbox. So I cant purchase this from steam on xbox or here?

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        Jennifer Moderator

        You're welcome. You are correct. You have to purchase it on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace. Purchasing from Steam or the Telltale Store only gives you downloads for the PC and Mac versions.

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