I thought you were Dead?

Who Do you think this could be, Ive been thinking about it... And i can't even Tell who it would be.
Anyone that has Recently Survived in season 1 , IT COULD BE KENNY THOUGH!, or Molly, But then again she didn't Die.. Sooooo??? Anyone have any clues?


  • We can only look at what is possible because we did not see a dead body.

    However, they did say Seaosn 2 will reveal Kenny's fate.

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    Well Kenny is the obvious candidate, i can´t think in any other character that "apparently" died. It could be Lilly, but why would Clementine think that she´s dead?

  • I think it will be Kenny.

  • I think that is Kenny. Why? Cause Omid n' Christa were the last who see him ( besides of Lee :'( ) and they think he was dead and told that to Clem. Molly said in chapter 5 that she like to be in her own. Christa... could be, but it seems less possible. Lilly, also could be but if she steal the RV Clem could think that she's alive. And Pete/Nick are new characters, and if you choose to save Nick... Also Tt said that Kenny's fate will be seen in this season. So the chances are from high to low : Kenny, Christa, Lilly.

    ( I really think it's gonna be Kenny)

  • But i dont recalling anyone telling clemintine about lennies death, so would she have known whether or not he was dead? im pretty sure she wasnt there at the time, but the leader of the other group is said to male, maybe a different character we meet i n the last season? like the brothers form the farm, vernon or the cancer peps? idk just guessing but im not sure if it is kenny, or someone we have looked past already, maybe its even hersel greene? lol


  • shes te blonde girl with the cool hatcet, she rang all the bells, then helped you get inside crawford

  • I'm gonna say Christa.

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    What about St. John's Brothers? Or that guy who we gave water. That could do either. But i really hope it's Kenny :D

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    I think its either Lilly, Kenny or that bandit that she can give water to, she seems to know who they are but it also hesitant and not that pleased to see them so i don't think it could be Christa.

  • thinking about it agian, it may not be the st john brothers, because you can not kill them or kill them should you choose

  • It's Larry 100%.

  • LOL i crushed him with a concrete block

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    St John brothers can't be since in my save I kill 'em. Clem didn't know anything about the cancer survivors, also, they said that Vernon was dead. Clem lived with Omid and Christa, so problably she asked about what happened to the moustache guy.

  • I forgot about that guy! another more to the list.

  • isnt it obvious? she talking about Goku

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    Wait did the Hobo onthe train die in savannah? i dont remember seeing his corpse

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    Yes he died in the sewers.

  • I think it's Kenny or Glenn...maybe Ben,IDK...

  • I think it can only be Christa or Kenny.

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    Kenny is definitely dead. It's either Lilly or Christa. It could be one of the new characters, but the tease of "I hope this isn't someone you know" and the cliffhanger strongly hints at a returning character from season 1. As it stands, Glenn has long been with Rick's group (possibly dead by now?) and everyone besides Lilly, Christa, and Molly are definitely dead. I seriously doubt Christa is dead because they set up some great characterization for her with the death of Omid and presumably her baby as well. She could turn out to be an interesting villain this season but hopefully later on. Lilly would be a better choice to reintroduce in the second episode as what happened to her at the end of her season 1 tenure gives room for a great arc as well. Molly isn't presumed dead by anybody so I doubt it's her. Plus Molly is the only one out of the three who doesn't have a sour relationship with Clementine so her reveal in episode 2 wouldn't make for much conflict.

  • It could also be the bandit that Clem gave water (that is IF you gave him water) since she left him behind

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