Everyone else dissapointed by the length?

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I really love the game. The quality is as good as ever, even if the choices weren't hard.
But i can't help but feel dissapointed. One and a half hours is a new low for the length of these's episodes and i am a bit scared they might continue the trend.


  • it felt about the same to me.

  • i was fine for the length the game is fun enough to not need to be dragged out, i personally felt the first episode of 'wolf amoung us' to be a much slower flowing game, with action squences inbetween to break up the gameplay, and that didnt feel dragged out because of it, but because TWD S2 has so many possiblities of story archs tt need to leave stories short to keep players wanting more that is the point with episodical releases! to draw more people in, knowing that the last episode was so greta. Its just like agood tv series.

  • I played all five episodes of Season 1 back to back, which made the whole thing seem lengthier. Viewed as single episodes, I doubt the length has changed much, if at all.

  • Suprisingly I loved the pace..I mean it could have gone slower but I liked how intense this episode was it only felt short for me because I was having a great time with it..Well I did take a 20 minute break after the halfway point but a hour and forty something minutes was enough for me. The ending felt WAY to soon. The episode kind of just ends but despite that I was pretty damned pleased with "All that remains"

  • It did feel unusually short, especially compared to how much was in Season 1, episode 1. It might be because I'm the sort of person who has to talk to everybody and exhaust all the conversation options, and there wasn't as much conversation to be had in this one (understandable, since you're mostly sneaking around avoiding people.)

  • it did seem to be the shortest of all the episodes, hopefully the others will make up for it.

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