Finally TTG released BTTF S2

edited December 2013 in The Walking Dead

I was not sure if TTG ever make another season of BTTF. They hinted around here and there but oh boy did they throw a curveball. I thought I was downloading TWDS2 but those clever folks over at TTG changed it to Back to the Future S2!

The flux capacitor was hidden in income run down gas station in the toilet. The game is rolling along like clockwork then POOF 16 months pass. Were going back to the future! The new characters Christmas and Clementine Mcfly transport to the future only before the time jump Dr Omid Brown reconfigures the Flux Capacitor to alter the appearance 2 or 3 times the amount of time passed (example Clementine McFly was literally a 3 or 4th grader at the beginning. Then the Flux Capacitor toilet revs up with Dr Omid Brown age enhancement and poof..... The space time continuum jumps ahead 16 months but clementine ages like 3 years!) truly a Nobel prize enhancement no doubt.

After time jump Clementine Mcfly ending up at Old Man Peabody's pine tree farm where she meets up with Einstein! The 2 wrestle around and play near the Libyan VW van that was ditched in the Forrest after the mall incident.

Clearly TTG has wrapped up so much BTTF into season 2 episode 1 it's amazing.


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