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To make many fans happy

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Please, please, please make a save-game editor. I think it'd be a valid concern that people who didn't buy s1 can just make any pick, so make it only unlockable if you own the games. Maybe something on your website? However you see fit!

But include mobile versions too!

I don't own the game on PC, I can't get my saves from my ipad :(

Plus, I'm sure many S1 fans would LOVE to try out different options. Heck, I'm sure everyone would love to change the choices for, say, epi 1-3 for S1 and then play epi4-5.

Please, please, please TTG, pretty please, work on this!

-a fellow fan and a TTG promoter

  • If you are a fellow fan and a TTG promoter then how about buying season 1 again? ;)

  • I have the same issue as I played the first season and 400 day's on the 360 and would love to get my saves/choices on the pc as that's the platform I am playing on now.

    I do how ever have to disagree with being able to edit the saves and believe that they won't do this as Telltale have made The Walking Dead in a way that you need to be responsible for your actions and accept the outcomes no matter how drastic they may be even if it's not how you wanted it to play out.

    It's a nice idea but similar to the game, you had a choice to play on which ever device you wanted and you have to live with that choice. I chose to change platform and have to accept that my choices are now random, I have no problem with that but thats my take on it anyway.

    • THIS. Or buy the game again. Thats totally right what you said Chebz.

      • Well, thing is

        I played on ios, uninstalled: Saves gone.

        I played on ios, bought on PC: Cant import saves.

        This is not fun :|

        Save editor may be a bit too much, that I admit. But I don't think it's unfair to ask for save imports between devices. It's one of the main points of the game as you said, to endure consequences. The game keeps track of them and as a computer engineering graduate, I reckon it shouldn't be hard to keep track of choice "flags" and import them to another device. We know the game records them.

        Also, I don't think my ipad has enough space for the second season and since as I lose my saves when I uninstall... I didn't look into it yet though, there should be a way to keep the saves. If not, then I'm not allowed to enjoy living through the whole adventure. If it is indeed possible, it makes me believe more that imports are possible.

        Anyways, there may not be too many people in my condition but as a company that releases multiplatform games, I hope that they'll take it into consideration.

        • Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you're not entitled to your opinion I was just saying what I believe Telltale will do.

          I would have liked it if season 2 had detected that I had no saves and then offered me to choose last seasons important parts or to randomise them to have a backstory that I was happy with.

          I'm just glad that The Walking Dead is back and any back story is good with me.

          • Definitely! I love the game and that's exactly why I'd love to see this. You get connected to "each" lee and clementine you forge through your choices, makes me sad to detach :/

            I mean, even if I buy the game now, it means I have to go through it again and while I love the game, I simply don't have time. I do have time on my ipad though, which I can use to play on my way to/from work.

            Anyway. I just feel this to be rather easy to implement and hope TTG will embrace a true multi-platform concept.

            And no offense but why the disilikes, I don't get it. I'm sure TTG would have loved to implement such features, I don't see why users are against having such options...

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